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Nowadays a Customer Journey is one of the most popular methods to be user centric. We often start with workshops and create the first journeys and in fact, we get awesome findings. This enables various stakeholders to grasp a better understanding of how customers think. But it is also often the case that companies remain […]

Guerrilla UX Research is growing in popularity. But what is Guerrilla UX research? And how can it help you improve your website or App? Based on over a decade of experience and hundreds of Guerrilla research projects, this session will provide the details you need to exploit this inexpensive, fast and powerful methodology. Learn the […]

UX WORLD TOUR \ 2017 \ A power team of seven internationally established UX experts will deliver usability skills and knowledge Why? \ You will hear and feel how the human factors integrate with culture. These are the roots for good UX design. This is your opportunity to network with us in your home. “Together […]

1. UX Design Process Best Practices- UXPin UX Design Process Best Practices is a complete, all-encompassing guide on UX design, running through the design process step by step with explanations of the best documentation, why they’re useful, and how to create them.  Created by our collaborative design platform, think of this book as a reference guide […]

Today I would like to talk about websites and which requirements they need to fulfill for the user.   What comes to your mind, if you think about a webpage? Does a certain pictures come to your mind? Or even a specific screen? Or maybe a program language or a certain function?   The first […]

Tick Tock, time is not only running out for all the bad products out there. We are definately living in an efficient, structured and timetable based era. That should be no secret for anyone, anymore.  And in some decades, people will certainly define it as such an digital and efficiency-orientated time. Since we were a […]

We are searching for new trends in eCommerce, in Development in User Centred Design. But what will be the next. Customization? Personalization? New Design? New way of Communication? Maybe it will be a combination of all. Maybe it is a running change of everything? Maybe we we are only waiting for the big player and […]

You would probably answer, „because of it’s added value“- meaning that functionality and design are connecting with each other and creating within this combination an even better product than before. you are right. Think of all the great products and how they made people feel and react. Apple build temples instead of just „stores“ for […]

By Linda Bustos | December 3rd, 2014 | Get Elastic You can’t attend an ecommerce conference without one or ten sessions on “omnichannel” on the agenda. Like big data, it’s a buzzword that leaves many mystified, and a complex business issue that takes strategy and technology to do right. As we approach 2015, how much “omnichannel” […]

By Padma Gillen | 23 April 2014 | GOV.UK  Blog Government Digital Service     In 2010, Martha Lane Fox (the UK’s Digital Champion at the time) completed her review of the government’s web offering. In her letter to Francis Maude she said: There has been a reinvention of the internet and the behaviour of […]