WHEN \ 29. - 30. September 2017
WHERE \ Shanghai, China

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UX WORLD TOUR \ 2017 \

A power team of seven internationally established UX experts will deliver usability skills and knowledge.
Why? \ Hear and feel from seasoned experts how optimal UX designs will serve you best in the global, multicultural community. Together we are better! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn UX design for the best in the world in your home.

Top Speaker \ selected at World Usability Conference 2016

Kwan Min Lee \
Nanyang Technological University

Joe Lanzisero \
Creative Consultant

Russ Wilson \

Dai Linong \
Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Media and Design

Klaus Hofer \

Johannes Robier youspi Chair World Usablity Congress

Hannes Robier

Chair of World Usability Congress


“I know that there is a huge number of UX Designer out there don’t have the time to join the World Usability Congress in Austria, so we decided to fly around with the best UX speakers. The fee will finance the organizational costs. Everything additional will be for the local community.”

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AGENDA \ 2017

Day 1 – 29.09.2017


签到 Check in – Getting to know the team


开幕式 Opening Ceremony


欢迎致词 Welcome - Ting Han (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Assoc Dean)

In this talk, I will explain how human evolution has shaped the way how we respond to and interact with media and information technologies in certain ways. After that, I will explain how our understanding of such influences of evolution can be effectively applied to the design of successful ICT (information and communication technologies) products and interfaces. I propose that in order to design innovative IT products, we need to understand and develop the following four things (1. Evolutionary responses to technology form factors; 2. Sensor technologies to understand users; 3. Technologies manifesting machine’s wills and desires; 4. Social interfaces). Examples come from both my academic and industry works spanning from evolutionary psychology to current directions in smart media design by Samsung.


新技术,新体验 New Technology, New Experience by Paul Fu


茶歇 Tea break


从实体交互到智能交互 From tangible interaction to intelligent interaction


价值导向的产品体验 Value-oriented product experience design by Shijian Luo


自助餐 Buffet


UX的错误会杀人!不能分离安全与报告记录 UX Errors Can Kill People! Safety and Documentation Can not be separated by Klaus Hofer

We all are UX Designers. We do our best, but are there any indicators for success to create an awesome product and win awards? Are there indicators for a better user acceptance? In my speech I will describe how we developed the Dewetron’s NASA product of the year, where we focused on, and what are the key success factors for a great product. We all are able to create successful global products.


茶歇 Tea break

I will explain how story and myth are key to defining the human experience and how we can use story to guide the design of anything where human engagement with the product is key. Story can be manifested as subtext, and as narrative. Each informs design choices differently. Story as subtext is where story is developed as a manifesto for use by design teams to coalesce ideas and create unity and focus while not necessarily being 100% obvious to the end user, but has a sub conscience effect. Story as narrative is where the story is front and center in the experience design and unfolds to the user much like a book or movie. I will provide examples of each from projects I’ve worked on around the world.


UX设计中的三大问题,以及解决方法 The Top 3 Problems in UX Design and how to solve them. by Russ Wilson


生成式设计系统中用户知识获取与设计整合 Towards a Framework for User Knowledge Intergration in Generative Design System by Liqun Zhang


讨论交流 Communication


晚宴 Banquet

Day 2 – 30.09.2017 09:00 – 16:00


By teaching some user research methods, including collecting and analyzing user data, the lecture will show a fundamental product development procedure. It focuses especially on extracting the user needs through the user behavior, user interviews. Furthermore, it puts forward the product function positioning not only to meet the needs of users, but also to evaluate the necessity and moderation of the product design. According to this, the product design will achieve beyond the user-centered design.

-Danni Chang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Lecturer), Zhenyu Gu( Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor)

- Cheng Chu (Zhinan Technology Co-founder), Zhanxun Dong (ID Program Leader/Assoc Prof)

Location \ School of Media and Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Partner Organization

School of media & design
800 Dong Chuan RD
Min Hang District
Shanghai City


Zhenyu Gu
PhD, Professor, Director of Interaction Design Lab at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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