A review: Daria Kosheleva. Winner of the UX World Championship

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The participation in the 1st World Student Championship was a chance for a complete open mind thinking which is not so often possible to practice staying in a formally framed organisations or universities (at least it is something I noticed in my past experiences).


This is an occasion to freely express your own thoughts with the opportunity of their verification and consequently to frame the real personal value you could bring to the professional career and to leverage on it further.


The news that I passed to the final of the 1st world student UX Championship reached me on the way from Imperia to Milan (Italy) when I was coming back from a vacation.

My boyfriend stopped the car to refill a gas tank, and when he came back he found me screaming “FINALIIIIST !!!! FINALIIIIST!!!”. That was really one of the most happy moments in my life. I found my name in the list of the ten selected students out of the entire world for the final of the World UX Championship that would be held in the World Usability Congress!

The scale of a piece of news to have a honor to make a presentation of the project at the final in front of the top level designers of the largest corporations in the world was hardly to perceive.

That news was a source of happiness and a new responsibility as well. Willing to take the maximum value out of this opportunity I was going to spend the time for the preparation and to do the best I could at the final.


The travel to Graz was perfectly arranged and absolutely smooth. All the needed informations came before I could have a question about it.

Graz here we go! Very excited!


And finally I am at the place. Tomorrow the day of Final: what a feeling in expectation and challenge!

Coming to the hotel of the competition I had a lot of fun verifying my way. Without having the knowledge of German, I realized the names of streets was unreadable due to infinite length so I was comparing the first three and the last three letters of the names on the map and actual buildings. Such a tricky experience and my first UX design solution in Graz 🙂

At the place we received the task that was a theoretical test and the next one was to make a prototype for the specific case that we should present in front of judges at the end.

We have a really challenging amount of time to complete all tasks and especially to present (only 5 minutes) but that was something could happen in the real working practice so was an interesting framework for me.

The next days was dedicated to attendance of diverse WUC talks and workshops (the details of which you can get from the web site)

enriched by outstanding dinners and an Experience Tour in Styria at the end.

Apart of the shared knowledge I was definitely impressed by the quality of individuals among the WUC crowd, their availability, positive message and a deep trust in what they are doing.

I felt very lucky to have a number of meetings and people in my life that are giving to me a certain kind of energetical recharge, which I got use to turn into reserve energy and use it at the moments when I need to do a choice. WUC16 made me a present adding a few of this kind of meetings in my life.


In a conclusion I want to encourage young people don’t skip the great variety of opportunities that luckily the current time exposes in front of us. Be grateful for having them and keep trying. Consider a kind of no supportive people near you as an extra source of motivation to move forward faster and more productive.The WUC16 was definitely my opportunity. I won the Championship.

Apart of the rewarding fact I found the entire experience itself as a main treasure. Being a part of World Usability Congress you can have a possibility to rapidly grow your professionality seeing a big picture of the things that are happening at international level, are going to happen in a professional world and who knows how your involvement could impact to your future. For me things are already started to change :)…

One again I want to say thank you for the chance of being at WUC16, and everyone I met in those days. Good luck for the participants of the next UX Championship!