I just have to do good research to show my value – or not? How to have an impact in different organisational settings

Wednesday, Oct. 12th. 10:15 - 11:00
UX Research

Key Learnings

You will learn the specific challenges and dangers for you as a researcher in different settings.

You will learn from real-life examples and case studies what you can do as a researcher to have maximum impact and value.

You will learn different ways of how user research is embedded in a project and within an organization.


Sabrina Duda

User Researcher | Author & Speaker & Mentor

Department for Work and Pensions


It is never just the research you conduct that influences the impact and value you have within a company or organization. Even if you do top-quality research, you can still struggle to have an impact and show your value. Your work context and how you adapt to it determine your success and value.

We will look at different ways of how user research is set up within an organization, and the specific challenges. Example projects and case studies illustrate the different approaches, their pitfalls and what you can do about it.