An experience blog about the Student World Championship written by Prastut Kumar, finalist 2016.

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As a dev turned designer, I have always felt coming short in terms of design theory. Coming from a productive summer of 2016, I wanted to explore at the visceral level of what goes behind good designed products. As the tradition goes: I signed up on all the UX (User Experience) courses I could find online, bought books and created a roadmap. As I said, as the tradition goes: the roadmap bites dust on the second day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

One of my Google Alerts pinged me about World UX Championship ’16. The prospect of having a pragmatic approach to theory has always worked with me. Fast forward a couple of weeks, Prasang and I submitted our poster. With bated breath, we awaited the results. To my surprise, we got in! The feeling of being amongst the top 10 students in the world is always surreal.

The finals were held in Graz, Austria. The perks involved tickets to the World Usability Congress, tour of the UNESCO city of design, eating at a castle, dining at a hilltop, visiting a chocolate factory and meeting who’s who of the UX industry. Not to forget the free tickets and stay ⚡️

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