Berlin Competence Center UseTree at WUC – Prime Partner

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Intuitive and user-friendly: Usability is a crucial criterion for the success of software products. Unfortunately, small and medium-sized enterprises often lack the resources for taking complex measures to optimally tailor their IT products to the costumers´ requirements and specific needs. UseTree therefore aims to make companies aware of the issue of usability, as well as of its advantage in competition and to support them in the development or acquisition of user-friendly software products. Particular emphasis is placed on mobile and internet-based commercial applications.

In this context, our competence center conducts, for example, pilot projects in which strategies for the implementation of usability measures are developed together with small and medium-sized enterprises. The results can be directly used in practice by the companies. The establishment of these developed procedure models in the companies should then lead to a sustainable implementation of usability measures in key business processes regarding the development and acquisition of user-friendly software. The pilot partners can benefit from directly optimising one particular aspect of their systems and from building up their own usability know-how.

This year, we look forward to participating in the World Usability Congress in Graz and to having the opportunity to experience this inspiring UX conference with all the interesting talks, workshops and participants.