WHEN \ 20. October 2020
WHERE \ Graz City of Design, Austria

Our persuasion \ CX is more than known standards

Discover how the world’s most lateral thinkers from different areas create breakthrough experiences by uncovering unique and actionable insights.

The conference for up-to-date leader and manager. Expand your skillset, network with the best and prepare for a leading a customer centred company.  As diverse as every single experience are the tools in CX supporting the leader and manager in their strategic planning.

Speakers \

Hailed as one of the world’s leading authorities on Customer Experience and Strategy Execution, Lior Arussy is an author, visionary, consultant, and creative change agent. His insights and methods have been successfully put into practice in over 200 corporate transformations worldwide, making Lior not only a forerunner in the field, but a proven practitioner. And that’s what truly sets Lior apart; where other speakers simply talk of change, Arussy makes it happen time and time again.As inspiring as he is passionate, Lior’s unique and critical voice continues to drive people across the globe to achieve their ultimate success.

20 years into Customer and User Experience. CX and Design Strategist. Responsible for product design of DATEV products and customer experience at all customer touchpoints of DATEV. One of the last German-speaking UX bloggers (www.ux-blog.de).

Martina started as a self-taught Web Designer in 1999. From the very beginning her approach was user-centered despite not being familiar with the now-common phrase of ‘User Experience’. In 2007 she finalized her (Diploma-) study in Psychology and started working in the field of clinical Psychology. It was at this point that Martina’s academic background and her passion joined and she started a career as UX Designer, being called “Conceptioner” at first. Since then Martina has not only contributed to the digital and service ecosystems of many recognizable companies (e.g. eBay, PayPal, Emirates Airlines, Volkswagen, Telekom and many more), but she also helped selected Start-ups in Europe, by forming and driving their Research, as well as contributing to their product or service strategy and definition.

10+ years of experience in web & digital product design

My team and I have enabled more than 100 companies to grow their digital presence, improve sales results, and boost customer satisfaction.

Projects with international brands like
Coca-Cola, Amazon, Novartis, Bayer, Trelleborg and many more.

Vivian is internationally well known UX and CX evangelist. A Gestalter as he likes to refer himself to. His work has impacted a millions of lives directly. Products or solutions he has delivered are used everyday around the world with delightful addictive experiences in the pocket, in the hands or on the desks and in the premises of users and customers across cultures, regions and people of all ages. He is a regular speaker, mentor or workshop facilitator at events around the world to help create customer centered focus a high priority, increase awareness, implement strategies and help organizations build delightful experiences for their customers and users. Some of the notable events include:

What to expect \

Free food & drinks \

Enjoy for free Lunch, tea & coffee, snacks, and soft drinks throughout the day.

New collaborations \

Benefit from insights and knowledge from around the globe.

Topic-focused \

How to think strategically and put experience in organisation planning.

No hot air \

Not just listen, take action. Engage in 3 hands-on master classes.

Agenda of Beyond CX 2020




Opening & Welcome

I will explain what I have learned in recent years when it comes to empower a large enterprise to become successful in delivering attractive customer experiences.

The world around us is changing. We experience demanding customers, high levels of market saturation, increasing complexity, rapid speed, tough competition and large-scale ecosystems. The economy is no longer driven by technology only, but by experiences.

Yesterday as well as today, you have to give the right promise at the right time and to the right customers in order to be successful. What has changed is that customer experience has become a main differentiator.

In the past, customers' experiences were not public. Clever marketing and a sufficiently good customer service was enough to be successful. Today negative customer experiences are immediately public. In order to be successful in the experience economy, companies must be able to keep their (marketing or brand) promises at every customer touchpoint and at every time.

Learning Skills
1. Challenges of experience economy
2. What it takes to become an experience-driven company
3. How to lead by promises and customer experiences
4. How to assess and develop a companys' ability to deliver attractive CX

Maps are a great overview-tool in life. And this is also the case in Business: Experience Maps can help align the different points of view and goals from different departments or disciplines. Therefore, they not only serve as great alignment and prioritisation fundaments, but they also help create a deeper understanding of current or potential customers.
This talk will give you an overview of the 3 main types of experience maps: Customer Journey Map, Service Blueprint and Mental Model Diagram and will help you decide when to use each of them. Further, the presentation will arm you with some business rationale for mapping experiences, so that you can convince your boss and colleagues and get your own Experience Mapping workshop on the way.



In this short practical exercise Martina will introduce a theory regarding basic psychological needs and the resulting method for behaviour analysis, which is currently used in the practice of Systemic Psycho-Therapy. This method, in a simplified form, will then be applied to create hypothesis about the underlying needs of our (potential) customers. It will help to not only develop a deeper understanding of their psyche, but will also enhance our empathy towards them and hence broaden our innovation-horizons.

No preliminary knowledge about Psychology or UX/CX is needed, as this exercise can be applied in any context, in which one strives to uncover the deeper levels of human motivation and psyche.



Everybody is saying, ``It’s all about the experience``, but which are the real metrics of that experience. How to measure ``experience``? What is the customer perspective, what is the communication, what is the differentiation...How does the Experince Economy work?

Build digital products loved by customers
Increase sales/ conversions through online channels
Create a brand thаt makes them stand out from their competitors
Boost customer retention and brand loyalty Test innovative ideas at low risk


Lunch Break



In less than 5 years experiences transformed by AI will be inevitable. Role of AI with deeper ML discoveries in technologies and how it applies to customer experience will continue to change, even as it does right now. How are leading organizations whose technology forecast and predictions make an impact are addressing the role of AI in CX? As Microsoft says, “By 2025, as many as 95 percent of all customer interactions will be through channels supported by artificial intelligence (AI) technology”.

Today, digital, tech enabled response systems mimic human behavior and interactions including adding that “umm” “ah ha” in a conversation. Statistics prove the impact of AI in CX in Europe alone e.g. a projection by Statista headline says, sales from AI enterprise apps are expected to increase from €221 million this year to more than €7.8 billion in 2025.

Likewise learn ways
- how AI is transforming The Customer Experience,
- how AI will make an impact on CX,
- how AI is helping businesses transform customer experiences, especially in e-comm and retail?

Discuss the alarming rate at which traditional businesses are closing down due “why should I change” or lack or ignorance of AI driven decision making that’s transforming the way your customer experience is changing to a “ I must have this experience because xyz gives me that fabulous experience”. Finally, the mistake many make in jumping on the “AI-train” in a wrong direction. It is good to be on that journey but know your ‘why and where’ before booking your journey into AI. Learn about CX and AI impacting the world, steps and measures you can take.

Welcome to the next generation of customer journey management which goes beyond cost reduction. Optimizing your customer journey should drive revenues and profits. (Yes it should!) Discover how a leading US retailer learned to optimize its customer journey and save $600 Million they didn’t know they are losing every year. Utilizing the 5 Ps of customer centricity economics, the 5P customers’ control, you will learn how to design customer journeys that drive real revenues and profits impact.



What KPI does your CX program support? In strategic programs, it is not VOC or complaints reduction. It is revenues and profits. In this session we will explore the 5Ps of the economics of customer experience and how to develop the case for CX as a financial driver of the organization’s growth.
Key Learnings
• Examples of financial results of CX programs
• The 5Ps financial measures to customer experience
• A model to examine the financial impact of effective CX (and how to get more budgets)





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Extend your stay. Visit the World Usability Congress the international premier user experience design conference.

When\ 21. & 22. October

Where \ Graz City of Design, Austria

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