WHEN \ 15. October 2019
WHERE \ Graz City of Design, Austria

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Discover how the world’s most lateral thinkers from different areas create breakthrough experiences by uncovering unique and actionable insights.

As diverse as every single experience are the tools in CX supporting the designer in their strategic planning. Build your network and connect with your peers in a hands-on way you’ve never before experienced.

Speakers \

Menschen, Unternehmen und Gesellschaft schreiben sich gerade neue Regeln. Techno-logie ist nur ein Teil davon.

Andreas Hladky studied philosophy, psychology and cultural anthropology and founded point of origin - the first Austrian consulting agency specialized on digital transformation - in 2008. Due to his expertise in digital transformation and customer experience he is consulting national media outlets like “der Trend”, “die Presse”, “ProSieben”, “ORF” and many more on a regular basis. His main topics concern the impact of digitalization on industries, companies, society, environment and politics.

Johannes Robier, has completed his studies in information design at the FH JOANNEUM in Graz in 2004. He was an employee in the global headquarters of Siemens Usability in Munich. He worked for „evolaris research Lab” as User Experience Analyst. After that he founded youspi Consulting GmbH which is specialised on the services Usability, Customer Experience & Service Design. He earned the Customer Experience Management Certificate which provided him with a broader look on customer-specific corporate development. Since then he has been participating as a lecturer at various conferences for Usability & User Experience on a national and international level. Since 2010 he is a lecturer at the Campus02 for Usability & Service Design. In 2013 he got the Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience (CPUX) – F (2013).

A reflective practitioners of design thinking focusing on user experience and service design in the greater China area. Lectured more than 100 design thinking or UXSD workshops both at school and in industry. Won more than 20 international awards, including iF, Red Dot Best of Best, CHI SDC Gold award, UXPA UX Gold Award, SDN Gold Award. Published 3 journal papers, 8 book chapters, 32 conferences papers for the last 5 years.

With more than three decades of Disney experience, Joe Lanzisero is well equipped for his role as creative executive in charge of projects for Walt Disney Imagineering. Working with teams of artists, writers, architects, and engineers, he serves as the eyes and artistic conscience of a project from conception through completion.
Joe was responsible for the creative development of the two newest ships for the Disney Cruise Line and oversaw the teams that designed these new state-of-the-art ships (Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy) which launched in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Many features such as the innovative dinner show “Animation Magic” and the inclusion of an onboard water coaster (the AquaDuck) are cruise industry firsts.
At Hong Kong Disneyland, Joe oversaw the expansion of the park by more than 20 percent over a three-year period. The additions of three new lands – Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and most recently, Mystic Point, add more excitement and fun for guests of all ages.
Lanzisero began his Disney career in 1979 in Feature Animation (now Walt Disney Animation Studios), working on the animation, special effects, storyboarding and story development of numerous features, shorts, and special project. He came to Imagineering in 1987 as a concept designer and was on the design teams for Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Walt Disney World, Critter Country at Disneyland, and Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris.
In 1991, Lanzisero was promoted to senior concept designer and immediately plunged into the development of Mickey’s Toontown, the wacky cartoon “community” that opened at Disneyland Park in 1993. He also developed the concept for Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, a wild and funny dark ride that opened in Mickey’s Toontown the following year. Lanzisero also supervised the concept design for the Tokyo Disneyland version of Toontown that opened in 1996.
Before joining the Tokyo Disneyland project team in 1999, he developed the concept for Fantasia Gardens and WinterSummerland, a pair of unique miniature golf courses at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Another new venture, Disney Cruise Line, benefited from his work on children’s spaces and activities. And he was behind the conceptual design and development of DisneyFest, a unique Disney entertainment venue that traveled throughout the Far East and South America.
In 2001 Joe was promoted to creative vice president for Tokyo Disney Resort, charged with overseeing all design in Tokyo. For Tokyo Disney Resort, he worked on such attractions as Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Toontown, Critter Country, and Splash Mountain. He did the concept development for Mermaid Lagoon and Arabian Coast in Tokyo DisneySea as well as many other projects. He directed the creative development of Tower of Terror attraction and Monsters, Inc. Ride and Go Seek. In March 2007, Joe was promoted to creative senior vice president with the added responsibilities of overseeing all design for Hong Kong Disneyland, including leading the design of a major three-land expansion of the park.
A member of the first graduating class of the Walt Disney Character Animation program at California Institute of the Arts in 1979, Lanzisero developed his artistic talents with old-time Disney professionals. He applied his education as a teacher at the Otis Art Institute and in the animation industry before joining The Walt Disney Company.

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How to think strategically and put experience in organisation planning.

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Agenda of Beyond CX 2019




Opening & Welcome

In times of change, people act differently. As a CX leader, you have to know and understand this natural aversion to change to master the CX Transformation within your company and your clients...

In this Keynote you will get insights in the neuropsychological background, why humans are transformation-inhibited. And how CX Leaders can use human psychology with small ``hacks`` to make transformation a good thing. No matter if it is a mindset shift, a process change or the ``simple`` attempt to „change“ your partners behavior.

Andreas Hladky will show transformation Hack examples of the well known Digital Power players like Amazon and Google, but as well of European challenger companies and private life examples.

Mastering transformation can be learned - this talk is the direct step to stop thinking and start practicing your CX Leadership Skills!

Learnings after the Keynote
  • You will learn to better understand the transformational barriers you are facing as CX Leader.
  • You will learn to use hacks to overcome transformational barriers within yourself and your team.
  • You will learn to use a self-assessment tool to identify CX Leadership strengths and fields of growth.

Tim Scanlon will share insights from ABB’s new Customer Experience & Innovation Team. Located at ABB Headquarters in Zurich, with globally distributed resources, the team works closely with ABB customers using a business-value led exploration and co-creation approach. Together with customers, the team explores opportunities to pragmatically unlock value across the customers’ entire value chain through digitalization.

- Driving successful customer co-creation at scale.
- Making it tangible to build understanding.
- Transforming digital innovation with customers.



In the workshop on CX leadership you will map your own strengths and potentials as CX leaders. Based on insights of Forrester trend research and multiple years of experience in consulting - Andreas Hladky will challenge you and support you to find new ways to empower your business with CX leadership.



This speeches will provide some insights for improving customer experience for future competitiveness based on cases study of Chinese major service design companies.

Three cases for improving customer experience are discussed. First, combining both brand value and user experience could result in a new customer segment in the existing markets from the case of first high-quality Chinese tea brand for the new generation. Second, better utilizing the synergy of multiple channels could significantly increase the customer experience for traditional markets from the case of new traveling service. Third, using quantitative measurements to effectively improve the experience along the customer journey could better understand the direction of improving customer experience for the clients.


Lunch Break

Story Mapping is a highly collaborative method that uses visual thinking and aims at establishing a shared understanding in a cross-functional product team.

It’s not just another mapping method. I believe that it is one of the best ways to bring the different “worlds” of design, development and business together during a product development process.

Storymapping puts motivation and behaviour of the user front and centre. By using the story arc, from exposition to resolution, we are visualising a natural process that is understandable by everyone. You could say it’s user-friendly. We are all deeply aware of this structure. It suffuses our culture through film and advertising. Our subconscious absorbed this story arc.

One important aspect of this process is that it can help build empathy with the potential user. It gives us a window into the user’s world, to learn about their potential difficulties and latent needs to explain their behaviours.

Renowned psychologist Jerome Bruner argues that stories provide a means of structuring and reflecting on our experiences. It is an appropriate tool that allows us to organise our stream of ideas and experiences, order them and work out meaning in our design flow.



A story needs tension to be a great story. A brand needs a tension of brand properties to create high impact.
And also an awesome customer experience needs tension. Which tension and how to develop real magic will be my target of the talk. In addition, I will include the dimensions of persuasion to make the magic more powerful. Everything starts with human psychology. It’s the foundation of building a customer experience through all touchpoints.


  • A strategic way to start creating a customer experience
  • Four steps on how to increase the possibility to create real magic
  • How to use the psychology of persuasion in business

I will use case studies from my years designing Disney attractions to show how direct user input is used to shape and adjust the guest experience both during design and after opening.

When working in prototype design it’s hard to gauge how users will respond and engage with an experience. Disney story-driven attractions are a complex combination of art and technology, finding a balance that connects with the user can be tricky. Sometimes we need to adjust and change elements or entire concepts based on direct user input and feedback. I will use actual case studies from my 30+ years as a Designer with Disney to show how we used user feedback to shape and experience.



The KANO Model tells us to change the habit of an experience to keep it alive. To achieve this the Magic Map shows you 24 different possibilities to design an experience. In this hands-on tool workshop, you will get three different use cases: Theme Parks, Product Design, Online Experience. You will learn which elements you can use to change the experience to keep it alive.





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