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By:  Amy Goldwasser  | Sep 4, 2015 | Coca Cola Journey   Coca-Cola and Moleskine join artists, illustrators and designers around the world to celebrate a pop culture icon: the Coca-Cola glass bottle with a limited edition notebook collection. The five covers have original artwork interpreting the visual image of the vintage Coca-Cola contour bottle. Imagine two of the most universal, […]

By Eliza Williams | 9th September 2015 | Creative Review     Which font are you? Futura perhaps? Or Times New Roman? Maybe on different days, you feel like different fonts. If so, the Type glasses range will be right up your street…   Created by Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo in 2014, the Type range […]

From Creative Review |  11th September 2015 Facial recognition technologies are being used increasingly widely: but is it useful tech or frightening Big Brother-style surveillance? Matthew Maxwell, associate creative director at SapientNitro, reports for CR…     Does your face fit? Can you leer? Or glare? Can you look deadpan or dreamy, pained or pitying, […]

By Stacey Kole | Webdesigndepot | Apr 16, 2014 Bookstores are closing, newspapers are folding and magazines are rushing to publish online. The stock of print media seems to be falling, but two Japanese designers are challenging that process with a newly released collection. Masahiko Sato and Tatsuya Saito’s exhibit, “Putting Finger,” examines how viewers needn’t […]

Jeff Veen explores cargo cult design and what Picasso might have meant when he said, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal”.  

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