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Image source:   To ensure perfect UX designing, a marketer needs to learn the basics, improvise the techniques and implement his own skills to produce a perfect piece. User experience is very important as it helps in keeping the customers focused on your website. You wouldn’t want to lose their interest, right? Thus, offer […]

Wrap me if you can: About environment, usability, and its changes: You may think that usability has its focus in the digital world. It has something to do with smartphones, the internet and software. You are not absolutely wrong. But in the following article, I will show you an great example that usability is mirrored […]

You would probably answer, „because of it’s added value“- meaning that functionality and design are connecting with each other and creating within this combination an even better product than before. you are right. Think of all the great products and how they made people feel and react. Apple build temples instead of just „stores“ for […]

By Padma Gillen | 23 April 2014 | GOV.UK  Blog Government Digital Service     In 2010, Martha Lane Fox (the UK’s Digital Champion at the time) completed her review of the government’s web offering. In her letter to Francis Maude she said: There has been a reinvention of the internet and the behaviour of […]

By:  Amy Goldwasser  | Sep 4, 2015 | Coca Cola Journey   Coca-Cola and Moleskine join artists, illustrators and designers around the world to celebrate a pop culture icon: the Coca-Cola glass bottle with a limited edition notebook collection. The five covers have original artwork interpreting the visual image of the vintage Coca-Cola contour bottle. Imagine two of the most universal, […]

By Sagi Haviv | May 14, 2015 | Print Magazin   Recently a big international bank came to us asking that we design a symbol for them, as Tom Geismar had done many years before for The Chase Manhattan Bank. For over a decade, this international bank had been using a wordmark for their short […]

By Matt Shaw and Simon Tsang | 20 May 2014 | from GOV.UK Blog Digital transformation Last week marked the end of a 6-week proof of concept at the Land Registry, supported by GDS. The aim was build a concept for a digital service focussed on user needs. The result was to be shown to […]

By Rain Noe  | Core77 | Sep 02 When Japan released the design of their logo for the 2020 Olympics, it was widely derided as being unattractive. Now an even more serious allegation has been made: It’s not just ugly, it’s stolen. That’s the assertion made by Olivier Debie, a Belgian graphic designer whose 2011 […]

By: Angela Riechers | July 10, 2015 | Printmag   Memory is a powerful communicative device, and many designers struggle to decide when to employ it. These historical examples illuminate why and when it works.  The deeply felt human need to preserve memories presents a curious conundrum to the graphic designer. People have an innate longing to mark the passage of time, to […]

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