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Maricel Cabahug our OPENINING SPEAKER 2019 Money to put a roof over our heads and food on the table is an undeniable benefit of having a job, but work also often gives our lives structure, satisfaction, security, and social connection too. It enables us to grow personally and contribute to society. If you’re skeptical about […]

Even the best designers produce successful products only if their designs solve the right problems. A wonderful interface to the wrong features will fail!

Interview with Russ Wilson, Google UX Director I first met my friend Russ Wilson, UX Director with Google, when we were speaking at the 2016 World Usability Congress in Graz, Austria. As a UX director, international speaker and leader of one of the top UX teams at Google it makes sense to learn what Russ […]

Today I would like to talk about websites and which requirements they need to fulfill for the user.   What comes to your mind, if you think about a webpage? Does a certain pictures come to your mind? Or even a specific screen? Or maybe a program language or a certain function?   The first […]

We are searching for new trends in eCommerce, in Development in User Centred Design. But what will be the next. Customization? Personalization? New Design? New way of Communication? Maybe it will be a combination of all. Maybe it is a running change of everything? Maybe we we are only waiting for the big player and […]

By:  Amy Goldwasser  | Sep 4, 2015 | Coca Cola Journey   Coca-Cola and Moleskine join artists, illustrators and designers around the world to celebrate a pop culture icon: the Coca-Cola glass bottle with a limited edition notebook collection. The five covers have original artwork interpreting the visual image of the vintage Coca-Cola contour bottle. Imagine two of the most universal, […]

By Eliza Williams | 9th September 2015 | Creative Review     Which font are you? Futura perhaps? Or Times New Roman? Maybe on different days, you feel like different fonts. If so, the Type glasses range will be right up your street…   Created by Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo in 2014, the Type range […]

By Antonio Carusone | July 15, 2015 | Aisel one Back in the day, I used to assem­ble my wire­frames and designs into a pre­sen­ta­tion deck, printed it all out, and then reviewed the work with my team/clients. Many design­ers still do this today, and it’s a bad habit devel­oped in the agency world where every­thing is printed […]

By Sagi Haviv | May 14, 2015 | Print Magazin   Recently a big international bank came to us asking that we design a symbol for them, as Tom Geismar had done many years before for The Chase Manhattan Bank. For over a decade, this international bank had been using a wordmark for their short […]

By Eliza Williams | 11.09.2015 | Creative Review With the rise of contactless payments and banking apps, giving kids coins for their pocket money might seem a little bit ordinary these days. Enter Clever Kash, a cute new digital money box from New Zealand bank ASB…       As the film below explains, the […]

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