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Do you know Slackbot, Alexa or Cortana. Bots are a running trend and all people want to integrate a bot in their website, product or want to use conversational concepts for “Alexa” from Amazon or “Tmall Genie” from Alibaba. Would that be a must have for the future? Gartner announced that by 2020 customers will […]

Games are the best place to learn how it works. how to reach a flow during playing a game! We have to reduce all interaction hurdles. It should be as easy as possible and as emotional as possible. Do you have such a feeling also in eCommerce or in business software? Games have great UX […]

Today I would like to talk about websites and which requirements they need to fulfill for the user.   What comes to your mind, if you think about a webpage? Does a certain pictures come to your mind? Or even a specific screen? Or maybe a program language or a certain function?   The first […]

We are searching for new trends in eCommerce, in Development in User Centred Design. But what will be the next. Customization? Personalization? New Design? New way of Communication? Maybe it will be a combination of all. Maybe it is a running change of everything? Maybe we we are only waiting for the big player and […]

We will do interviews with all our speakers. Today Craig Tomlin (indeed) is our speaker!     #UX #Usability, #User Experience Management #eCommerce

Responsive design In a society in which people get most of their information with mobile devices, it’s undoubtable that the importance to provide the content in a form that is suitable for all used device is going to grow also in the next years. Material Design Google defines on its webpage the goal of material […]

By Linda Bustos | December 3rd, 2014 | Get Elastic You can’t attend an ecommerce conference without one or ten sessions on “omnichannel” on the agenda. Like big data, it’s a buzzword that leaves many mystified, and a complex business issue that takes strategy and technology to do right. As we approach 2015, how much “omnichannel” […]

By Darin Archer | November 25, 2014 | From Darin Archer   As we approach the busiest shopping weekend of the year in the US, I see many retailers still falling short of providing a true omni-channel retail experience. Before I share my thoughts on why and how so many retailers are falling short, I […]

Marketers capable of understanding the many and varied micro-moments that spur customers’ mobile searches will be better able to take their best shot at fulfilling the customers’ immediate needs. Google made that point when it recently unveiled a collection of new AdWords products to aid marketers in inserting their messages exactly when they might do […]

A Digital Single Market would benefit not only European and U.S. companies, but also European consumers. Companies will be able to bring products and services to market faster if they don’t have to slog through a different set of rules and regulations for each of the 28 European Union member states, noted Daniel Castro, vice […]

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