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 Spearheaded by the flood of wearable devices, a movement to quantify consumers’ lifestyles is evolving into big business with immense health and privacy ramifications From the instant he wakes up each morning, through his workday and into the night, the essence of Larry Smarr is captured by a series of numbers: a resting heart rate […]

Hey docs! Play this online game and learn how to do a better job of getting our blood pressure under control! Doctors are required to keep current on best medical practices, but those efforts all too often don’t do a thing to improve patient care. But what if the class is a game — one […]

Prime Endoscopy Bristol has gone paperless and has nurses doing SNOMED coding while in clinic using a system from Responsive Health. The Bristol unit first implemented the endoscopy management system in 2012. Version two, which includes tablet and phone functionality, was rolled out in December 2014. Nurses now record the entire patient pathway digitally using […]

Elderly people with walking difficulties are often intimidated by busy public places. This led an EU research project to develop a robot walker to guide them around shopping centres, museums and other public buildings, thus enhancing their autonomy. Shopping centres, airports, museums and hospitals are the kind of complex and confusing environments where elderly people […]

Despite the wide availability of asthma therapies, many people with asthma still experience lots of symptoms impacting significantly on their quality of life. In line with this year’s World Asthma Day theme “You can control your asthma”, myAirCoach, a leading pan-European project is recruiting patients to develop a monitoring device which is integrated with mobile […]

Have you ever thought of creating an app to aid those affected by mental illness? The role of mobile phone apps in mental health treatment is a relatively new tool. Apps can be utilized by mental health practitioners, individuals interested in mental well being, those treated for an addiction as well as those with chronic […]

Ascom, a leading supplier of Healthcare ICT solutions, has developed an enhanced interface connecting the Ascom Unite middleware platform with the Ascom teleCARE IP nurse call system. This enhanced interface delivers advanced messaging behavior, improved staff assignment options and increased visibility of all nurse call message alerts through a central display. These enhancements enable enterprise-wide […]

1.     Networked Health Ars Technica reports “healthcare organizations are pushing more aggressive use of network bandwidth and cloud technology. “This covers everything from telemedicine to getting a copy of your doctor’s notes or lab results after an appointment. Due to a boom in cloud technology, the ACA’s emphasis on quality of care, and a drive […]

The “Sniff iPhone” shows sniffing in an unexpectedly new context: It is should enable the unwanted spying on its users, but allow the smartphone-based, early and simple diagnosis of diseases such as cancer. Background: Abnormal metabolic derangements caused by cancer, change the odor of the breath or urine of affected patients. In studies dogs could […]

Three or five stars in the App Store? What does the subjective evaluation of the user in the app stores say on the objective quality of the assessed health app? Are there defined quality criteria, which can reproduce these evaluations independent of the tester? That was the question of the Australian research group, which has […]

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