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Do you know Slackbot, Alexa or Cortana. Bots are a running trend and all people want to integrate a bot in their website, product or want to use conversational concepts for “Alexa” from Amazon or “Tmall Genie” from Alibaba. Would that be a must have for the future? Gartner announced that by 2020 customers will […]

A short thought about or future   We are feeling and experience one of the most exciting times in the live of human. The development of technology was never so fast then now. Around fifty years ago, we flew to the moon with only 47 kb storage and 4 kb Ram. We can’t imagine what […]

Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Now accompany us already every day. They understand your words, know our habits and can predict our behavior. They give us a glimpse into the future and allow us to envision the new possibilities of A.I. based UX. “… I’m immersed in all things AI and how [...]

From Creative Review |  11th September 2015 Facial recognition technologies are being used increasingly widely: but is it useful tech or frightening Big Brother-style surveillance? Matthew Maxwell, associate creative director at SapientNitro, reports for CR…     Does your face fit? Can you leer? Or glare? Can you look deadpan or dreamy, pained or pitying, […]

By Don Norman | July 24, 2013 | MIT Technology Review   Credit: Illustration by Miguel Montaner   Can devices like Google Glass augment our activities without ­distracting us from the physical world?   Ever talk to someone at a party or conference reception only to discover that he or she is constantly scanning the […]

By Eliza Williams | 11.09.2015 | Creative Review With the rise of contactless payments and banking apps, giving kids coins for their pocket money might seem a little bit ordinary these days. Enter Clever Kash, a cute new digital money box from New Zealand bank ASB…       As the film below explains, the […]

“Exclusiv report from our speaker at the congress Martin Wolf, (Y&R Labstore Austria Shopper Strategy Director) about Cannes 2015. “Do you remember the first time you bought a festival or concert ticket? How long did you wait in the line?” That was one of the introductory questions raised by Facebook’s Adtech expert David Jakubowski at […]

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