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The Digital Mesh Trend No. 1: The Device Mesh Here, all devices such as cars, cameras, appliances, and more are connected in an expanding set of endpoints people use to access applications and information, or interact with people, social communities, governments and businesses. As the device mesh evolves, Gartner expects connection models to expand and […]

By Don Norman | July 24, 2013 | MIT Technology Review   Credit: Illustration by Miguel Montaner   Can devices like Google Glass augment our activities without ­distracting us from the physical world?   Ever talk to someone at a party or conference reception only to discover that he or she is constantly scanning the […]

By Eliza Williams | 11.09.2015 | Creative Review With the rise of contactless payments and banking apps, giving kids coins for their pocket money might seem a little bit ordinary these days. Enter Clever Kash, a cute new digital money box from New Zealand bank ASB…       As the film below explains, the […]

The built-in projector can be flipped to display images on a table top Chinese electronics giant Lenovo has unveiled a phone with a built-in laser projector that can be used to display a virtual keyboard or display. The interactive display can replicate the phone’s touch screen, a full-size computer keyboard or even piano keys. The […]

  In today’s fast-paced, time is money world, jargon is a timesaving alternative. Acronyms litter our conversation, and everything has to be done by COP today. Of course, we all use jargon from time to time, but where is it most prevalent – lawyers? Doctors? Bankers? No, it’s the humble IT professional. A survey into […]

Smartphones and smartwatches won’t just display content, but will also be able to beam it on to tabletops, walls and even to the eye, according to Lenovo. More remarkably, users will be able to interact with the projected images. On Thursday, Lenovo unveiled a concept smartphone called “Smart Cast” that’s fitted with a laser projector […]

It has been long seen as a convention to position the navigation menu prominently at the top of the page. Triggered by new web design trends like responsive design, more and more designers are now taking farewell to this tradition. Interaction with mobile devices influences the desktop designs of websites now: set rules and boundaries are […]

With new powerful development tools, super cool new technology and tidal changes in the tech world, this year looks set to be a very exciting year for web developers. Here are our top 10 trends and predictions for the web development world in 2015. 1. Motion UI An emerging trend we will see a lot […]

Microsoft shows at the build–conference how a smartphone with Windows 10 can replace a desktop computer. We also tell you how the function Continuum works.     Windows 10. (Screenshot: Microsoft / YouTube)     Continuum for Phones transforms Windows-10-Smartphones to desktop-pcs. (Screenshot: Microsoft / YouTube) Microsoft Continuum: Smartphone transforms to desktop-PC   With “Continuum […]

Anyone who has ever done a project with more than three or four people is familiar with the dilemma: either you spend a lot of time to write things down or misunderstandings arise frequently that will cost time and nerves. And that planning is what distinguishes successful from failed projects, has meanwhile spread. Every web […]

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