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by Yasushi Kusume, 04.05.2014   Elizabeth Bernstein is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal. In her April 2014 column, Personality Research Says Change in Major Traits Occurs Naturally, she wrote that a ‘person’s personality naturally changes over the course of adulthood, in response to life events such as entering a committed relationship or advancing […]

by Hannes Robier, 02.05.2014 Is it magic or a jack of all trades? The Needs Innovation Model can best be understood as a combination of various established concepts, models and maps, aiming to provide a holistic and reliable way to achieve long-lasting success on the market. The NI©Modell was created to help practitioners gather and […]

“Deep understanding of your users’ needs is crucial for building a successful digital service.” – The british Government created a manuel which give information about user needs, proposition and user stories. Link to Gov.UK Furthermore they also published a more detailed guidance about writing user stories. Link to ‘Writing User Stories’ In their Blog […]

Posted by Kerry Bodine on June 14, 2013 at Firms crave differentiation. But the truth is that even companies with dedicated time and budget for customer experience innovation focus most of their efforts on two things — whatever their competitors are doing and whatever the latest technology enables them to do. When companies blindly […]

10 Steps to Customer Journey Mapping by Arne van Oosterom written on A product or service is merely a means to an end. The real deeper value lies in the story attached. I don’t want to own a coffee maker – I need to wake up early with a little help from a cup […]

Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Kerry Bodine discusses the intersection of marketing and customer experience and how insight into customer journeys across channels can increase campaign effectiveness and drive more personalized, impactful marketing strategies: From:

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