For the third time, 150 different universities from all around the globe will be invited to be part of the UX World Chapionship 2018. After an online application, the best students will face each other in Graz in order to find out who is the best.


5 Best Applications

Transport to Graz, Austria

Accommodation for one week

A ticket to the World Usability Congress 2018

An Experience Tour through Styria with our Congress Speakers

25 Best Applications

As a consolation prize the 25 best applications will get a 80% discount on a full congress ticket

Read a blog post about the Student UX World Championship, written by Prastut Kumar, finalist 2016.


150 different universities from all around the globe will be invited to be part of the UX World Championship and send their top UX students to compete. All participating students will have to solve the same task individually and furthermore visualize their solution as an A0 Poster.

All participants will get an online questionnaire on Aug 1st or 2nd. This will be the second task! It’s an online test about UX Basics. You will only have limited time!

This, in turn, will then be sent to the UX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP JURY.

The best 6 – 10 students will be invited to be part of the UX World Championship finals!

At the UX finals, the students will receive two additional tasks and will have six hours to solve them. The jury, which will be composed of experts from sponsoring partners and WUC speakers, will choose the winner of the UX World Championship. The winner will be awarded at the World Usability Congress.

The Task 2018

The task for this years Championship will be released end of february. In the meantime stay up to date with our newsletter or check out the task of 2017.

The Judges 2017

The competitors (je nachdem, wie org der grad an „battle“ is) are being judged by a committee that consists of industry-experts. With the help of their years of experience in the field of UX design, they are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of concepts and provide the competitors with useful feedback for their future careers.

Maria Guidice


Mirjam Wouters

Philips Research

Russ Wilson


Kwan Min Lee

Sungkyunkwan University

Klaus Hofer


Kari Peters

Hall of Fame

Every individual idea or approach is worthy hearing about. Therefore, all our participants and winners will have their names put in the Hall of Fame. This is our personal way of saying thank you to the many candidates for their great work.

Winner \ 2017

National Institute Of Design

Finalists \ 2017

Nikhil Kumar Reddy Yandapalle \ National Institute Of Design

Somesh Nanda \ National Institute Of Design

Ying Fu \ Bejing Normal University

Kausik Surendran \ National Institute of Design

Akhil Patel \ IIT Guwahati

Salvin A/L Radvindran \ University of Malaya

Winner \ 2016

Daria Kosheleva \
Politecnico di Milano

Bing-Hsun Wu \ University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Janmesh Gharat \ National Institute Of Design

Vishnu Kumaar Mahendran \ University of Michigan

Cheong Wai Hoong \ Multimedia University

Dhruvil Gandhi \ Pace University

Kausik Surendran \ National Institute Of Design

Daria Kosheleva \ Politecnico di Milano

Kavitha Krishnan \ Bentley University

Prastut Kumar \ VIT University, Chennai Campus, India

Tejas Chavan \ Pace University

Prasang Sharma \ VIT University, Channai Campus, India