Why we need discovery research and how to do it - a B2B case study

Wednesday, Oct. 11th. 13:20 - 14:00
UX Research

Key Learnings

You will understand what discovery is and what research methods you can apply.

You will learn what deliverables you can create in discovery.

You will see how everything works in practice with a B2B discovery case study.


Sabrina Duda


Principal UX Researcher


In the discovery phase of product development, we try to understand the context and the problem we want to solve. We collect data and conduct research to explore user groups and their motivations, goals, needs, and pain points.
To summarise the knowledge from discovery research, we can create personas, user journeys, and lists with user needs. A value proposition canvas can also be a useful exercise for the end of a discovery phase.
Our B2B discovery research project was conducted with British and German Enterprise users. The case study shows you how to start research when you have very limited knowledge about your target group. It explains how you involve stakeholders during the project, and how you achieve the desired outcome: Enhancing knowledge about the target group, identifying opportunities for the business, and aligning future product roadmaps with user needs.