Where does the World Usability Congress take place?

The World Usability Congress takes place at the Messe Graz. Please consider that the Pre Events will take place at different locations near the city center of Graz.

How to get to the Messe Graz?

Arrival by public transportation

From the main train station take tram line 3 (direction Krenngasse), 6 (direction St.Peter) or 7 (direction St. Leonhard/LKH) and get off at the main square. Change to tram line 4 (direction Liebenau/Murpark) and get off at Stadthalle. The Congress entry is clearly visible from the tram stop.
Travelling time ≈ 15 minutes.

Arrival by car

From South, East and West (Vienna, Klagenfurt):
Highway A2 exit Graz-Ost/Zentrum, after ≈ 26 km turn right onto Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße and after ≈ 1,3 km you see on the right side the Messecongress Graz.

From North (Salzburg, Linz):
Highway A9 exit Graz Nord toward Graz -Nord/Zentrum, after ≈ 8,3 km turn left onto Karlauergürtel, after ≈ 1,4km turn right onto Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße and on the left side you see the Messecongress Graz.

How to get to Hotel Weitzer (Pre Workshops)?

Most of our Pre-Workshops take place at the Hotel Weitzer in Graz.

You can easily reach it by public transport.

Get with tramline 1, 3, 6 or 7 to Südtiroler Platz/Kunsthaus. From there walk downstream along the mur for 70m. There you will find the Hotel Weitzer at the right side.


Hotel Weitzer
Grieskai 12-14, Gries, 8020 Graz, Österreich

Check In

What do I need for the Check-In?

Check-In will be by name. Attendees still have to have their booking confirmation or print ticket by hand if needed.

Until when can I Check-in?

The check-in is constantly occupied until 18:00 and will be open for a later registration.

Can I leave belongings like luggage at the Check-in desk?

Due to liability reasons it is not possible to leave belongings at our check-in desk. 

Please take luggage or other items you don’t want to take with you to the cloak room across the check-in desk. (1,50€)


Where to park a car?

Parking in the sub-level garage:  € 6 incl. VAT
Parking on the car park in Fröhlichgasse: € 6 incl. VAT

Where to pay for the sub-level garage?

You can pay at an automatic pay station in the underground parking area.


Where to find accommodations?

We recommend to book your hotel as soon as possible. For general hotel information visit GrazTourismus.at

Presentations & Videos & Fotos

Where to find the presentation?

The presentation of every speech we are allowed to share will be published at least one week after the conference. All attendees will be able to download the presentations in the online backstage area after using their password.

Where to find the video-recordings?

The video recordings of every speech we are allowed to share will be published one month after the conference. Attendees will be able to access them through the online backstage area.

Where to find the pictures?

We will publish a set of pictures one week after the conference. They will show up in our gallery.

Networking Dinner

What is the Networking Dinner and where is it?

The participants and the speaker gather at the Schlossberg-Restaurant in the center of Graz for an evening filled with good food, easy networking and a breathtaking view of Graz. 

The afternoon will start with an aperitif before the first course with free seating.


The Networking Dinner will take place at the Restaurant Schlossberg at 19:00. We recommend using the tram and the Schlossberg funicular (Schlossbergbahn) to reach this location.
If you aren’t familiar with the area we recommend to refrain from using the stairs of the elevator to reach the top.


Restaurant Schlossberg
Am Schlossberg 7
A-8010 Graz

How to get to the location?

The easiest and fastest way is to go by tram and use the Schlossberg-Lift. Take the tramline 4 or 5 to direction “Andritz” and exit at the tram station “Schlossbergplatz/Murinsel”.

Go straight ahead to the Schlossberg. Take the smaller entrance on the left and ride the Schlossberg-Lift to the top.

After you exit the elevator, turn right and walk down a flight of stairs past the bar.

Turn right and go through the tree-lined avenue for about 200m.

Take the second road to the left that goes uphill.

When you reach the souvenir shop keep following the road by taking a sharp right.

Once you reach the fork in the road after the beer garden, take the left path towards the building titled “Schlossbergbahn”, after which you reached your destination at the Schlossberg Restaurant.

Who is invited to the Networking Dinner?

Only participants with a two day ticket and the speakers are invited to the Networking Dinner.

Is it possible to get a plus one?

There is a limited capacity at the Schlossberg Restaurant and therfore we sadly can’t arrange additional seats. 

How to dress for the Networking Dinner?

There is no dress code for the Networking Dinner. We want you to have a good time, so wear what you feel most comfortable in. 


Johannes Robier
+43 6643400841