Graz applies for IxDA Interaction Week 2020

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LIFELONG Interaction


In 2020 society will experience an exciting coexistency of generations:

There will be a very young generation that experienced interaction with digital products through touch and speech in their first months of life.

There will be a generation that experienced the growth of silicon valley companies and several shifts of interactions paradigms like GUI to NUI.

There will be a generation that experienced the rise of home computers and their impact in communication and society and the early transformations in human computer interaction.

There will be a generation that experienced transformations in human machine interaction and has its base in the analog domain, adopting digital interaction at a late age.

There will be a generation who’s experiences in interaction are shaped by mechanical and natural roots, challenges in adopting digital conversion and will be the first to be experience by digital services and assisted living.

2020 will be a crossroads in interaction – with its coexisting knowledge of generations it is the perfect point in time to discuss and redefine the fundamentals of interaction and bringing together our collective knowledge from the analog and the digital domains.

Our vision for 2020 is bringing together ALL generations, ALL their knowledge and expertise wether it refers to the first interactions of the unborn to the end of life and afterwards, a harmony of analog and digital aspects, digging the roots of interaction – and therefore to redefine the future approach of designing interactions for LIFELONG INTERACTION.


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