Ignite A Customer-Centric Culture With Customer Insights

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If you read my last post, you understand the importance of supplementing quantitative customer data with insights gleaned through interviews and observational research. But as shocking as this might sound, deep customer insights aren’t the ultimate objective. Your real aim is to deliver a customer experience that drives customer loyalty, revenue, and cost savings. And this is something that you cannot do alone.

There’s an entire ecosystem of both frontline staff (like retail associates and customer service reps) and behind-the-scenes employees (like those in finance, legal, and human resources) who must work in concert to support customers. To function optimally, this ecosystem needs to be rooted in a common set of attitudes and behaviors that guide customer-centric decisions and actions every single day.

Building such a customer-centric culture is a multipronged initiative. Standard culture-building tactics include hiring candidates who embody a service focus, training for soft skills, and recognizing employees who exhibit the behaviors you’re trying to reinforce. In addition, you need to create a shared understanding of who your customers are and what they need and want from your brand — and that’s where all those deep customer insights come into play…

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