Part 1: Key Learnings from Online Gaming for a better ROI

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Games are the best place to learn how it works. how to reach a flow during playing a game! We have to reduce all interaction hurdles. It should be as easy as possible and as emotional as possible. Do you have such a feeling also in eCommerce or in business software? Games have great UX strategies to optimize the ROI and come into a flow.

How should we onboard the user to register?

What is a usual for checkout process? Three areas like “New CustomerRegister” or “LogIN” or sometimes “Buy without Register”. That’s so sexy. Of course I will buy without register, because a user doesn’t want to share his eMail address or doesn’t want to remember an additional password. In fact, don’t providing the possibiliy for a guest checkout you will loos up to 19% of your users. Bu that will be another story.

Let’s have a look on a typical online registration process:

It’s a never ending formular.

  • Which user is happy with such a formular?
  • Which user wants to finish such a formular only buying a small thing?

Lets have a look to an Online game called “Stormfall”:

Fiirst of all, it doesn’t look like an registration process. An emotional picture, great grafics and a huge Call to Action who says: Come on – Let’s go!

Let’s try to analyze:

“Become a lord and build your kingdom”

The game designer gives you a vision what you will get in the future. They address your need.

Only one input field for the “Username” and a really huge CALL TO ACTION

I am no gamer, but I said to me: Mhmm only a name, I will try. That’s easy for me!

Now again only one input field for the “eMail” and again a CALL TO ACTION

I said again: Really also my mail. I don’t want to write my mail into it, but I did the first step so now I also can do the second step. It’s only one step.

Again one input field for the “password” and a NEW CALL TO ACTION for “Play Free” Now we are finished. The paying process is a different process.


  • Be more emotional!       
  • Provide the user with a personlized need to start the onboarding!
  • Divide your Registration into different parts!