Smartphone transforms to desktop PC: How it works Microsoft Continuum

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Microsoft shows at the buildconference how a smartphone with Windows 10 can replace a desktop computer. We also tell you how the function Continuum works.


Smartphone wird zum Desktop-PC: So funktioniert Microsofts Continuum


Windows 10. (Screenshot: Microsoft / YouTube)


Continuum for Phones macht Windows-10-Smartphones zu Desktop-PCs. (Screenshot: Microsoft / YouTube)


Continuum for Phones transforms Windows-10-Smartphones to desktop-pcs. (Screenshot: Microsoft / YouTube)

Microsoft Continuum: Smartphone transforms to desktop-PC


With Continuum for PhonesMicrosoft could have a technology that could make Windows finally more popular on smartphones. Continuum makes it possible to connect a Windows 10 smartphone to a regular computer monitor or a TV and to use it as a desktop PC. Peripheral devices such as a keyboard or mouse are connected via Bluetooth with the smartphone.

This is enabled through the so-called Universal Appswhich bring a desktop or at least a tablet view beside the smartphone interface. In the course of the development conference Build, Microsoft shows that by the example of PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Instead of using the small smartphone screen, users can use the Office apps thanks Continuum as usual in the desktop view. The usual keyboard shortcuts should also be available.



Windows 10 for Smartphones: Microsoft Continuum is definitive a unique selling point


The user interface of the desktop view seems to differ a bit from the real desktop version of Windows 10. This was not the case for the shown apps however. If you can use an app also in the desktop view will depend on whether the respective developer has provided this function.

This function of Windows 10 for smartphones is a clear unique selling point to iOS and Android. But how enthusiastic the end users are of the idea, that remains to be seen . This feature is exciting also for business travelers who might make their hotel televisions to desktop computer on this way.