Three TOP eCommerce Trends for 2017

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We are searching for new trends in eCommerce, in Development in User Centred Design. But what will be the next. Customization? Personalization? New Design? New way of Communication?

  • Maybe it will be a combination of all.
  • Maybe it is a running change of everything?
  • Maybe we we are only waiting for the big player and do the same?

Nobody knows. In fact, we can observe the market and combine all trends and developments. In conclusion we will see the following three trends for next year.

1.) Sell moments


The best User Experience & Design will be efficient after providing the right content, to the right time to the right customer!
This will be possible after knowing the user.

  • Know the user
  • Create customer segments
  • Collect user data
    • Localisation
    • Mobile / Desktop
    • Payment
    • Surveys
    • Daily behaviour
  • Combine behaviour & algorithm for your user experience strategy

Provide your story at the right moment to the right user! It will be like magic for our customers without touching their privat area. It will be magic how your sales increase!

2.) Story-Centered Customer Journey Design

Here, we connect the storytelling technique with a customer journey and lead the customer through the process. An additional dramaturgy, which is integrated into the customer journey, involves them even more in the story. Take your new customer journey map and the storytelling method and try telling a story along your process. Keep adding new information and entertain your customers, so that they want to follow you through to the goal.<

  1. Create an emotional starting situation.
  2. Make your customers curious about the story, the product, the process and give them a goal (value proposition).
  3. Involve a sympathetic main character and an impact character right from the start. The main character can also be your customer.
  4. Establish the contrast. (tensions). Depending on how many interfaces your journey includes, you can play around a little.
    Your journey’s challenges arise automatically from the process.
  5. Try to make the interfaces more challenging.
  6. Develop your customers! (personal development) Tell them their advantages in your story. Teach them your “uniqueness.” What is your “reason to believe”?
  7. The happy ending, the twist, of course, is the signature, the purchase that signals agreement with your company.
  8. In the next step, of course, the product itself needs to work well and be customerfriendly. (Usability/simplicity)
  9. Service satisfaction through personal contact.

We achieve loyalty and returning customers.

3.) Experience Design instead of standardization

Experience Design means, telling a whole story.

  • Instead of “information” tell the user all “naked facts” about the product.
  • The shopping cart is named as “prey”
  • Instead of “to the shopping cart” – the call to actions has the name “I want have!”

Bear Gryll is telling a story around the products.

  • Know the customer
  • Know their needs and behaviour

The future of eCommerce and online shopping will be much more personal and different. Don not have the same shop system like all others. Be brave and try to design your shop. The whole experience will make your customer to a loyal customer.
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