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Both my wife and myself have spent over 30 years creating experiences that at their core use art to define and engage the user. Movies, Theme Parks, and Video games use the power of color, design and music to engage and captive their audiences ( users)
I have most recently been involved in designing user experiences at airports, museums, and theme parks. were media savvy user expect to be engaged and entertained. This is where the application of art principles come into play.

Human-Computer Interactive Digital Interface Design in Complex Information System - Thursday \ 09:30 by Xue Chengqi

Within Philips, our internal hackathons are called Creative Playgrounds. We define a challenge based on the needs of our businesses and invite the internal Research and Design community to submit ideas. With an internal community of 1500 scientists from various disciplines, business consultants and our top class design community this delivers disruptive innovation and change in our organization. During the event, quick assessments done by external professionals, end users and business analysts challenges the participating teams to pivot concepts and allow insights very early in the innovation process. The teams deliver a value proposition, a prototype and a use case in their final pitch. During the talk we can elaborate on the process and our findings relevant to UX development.

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