Why UX will change our Life

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A short thought about or future


We are feeling and experience one of the most exciting times in the live of human. The development of technology was never so fast then now. Around fifty years ago, we flew to the moon with only 47 kb storage and 4 kb Ram. We can’t imagine what that means for our daily life.

  • You can’t start your smartphone with the same power
  • You can’t drive the car anymore, because of too less power
  • The complete business world will crash with that less computer power

New developments in Artifical Intelligence, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Computer Technology are the roots of all coming life changes. And UX will be a huge part of it. We are still at the beginning of the topic of User Experience, but it also will be an essential in the future.


We are driving into an extreme Experience society. Because of the huge amount of data, UX will optimize touchpoints in every corner of the world. The technology will help with this huge exercise. AI and other technology will substitute thousends of jobs because these jobs are regulated and clear defined.

  • AI will substitute accounting
  • AI will substitute insurance
  • AI will substitute daily design jobs
  • Robots will clean streets & environments
  • Robots will repair cars, houses, machines

A lot of things will be done automatically by technology. On the other hand UX will create worlds of experiences for human time. Shopping Center will be a huge experience like in many countries are still available, but it will be focused much more on the experience. Our office will be our second home as we see in huge companies. Shops will be experience stores. Food shops are not available because our daily needs are done as an ABO through different platforms. Future grocery stores are also experience stores where you taste, cook and spend your time and in addition you will by some special food which will be brought home automatically.

Think of all your daily routines. What are the things you want do, and what are the things you have to do? UX will be the part of designing new world of experience, but also optimize services until technology will overtake human power.

It’s not so far away, I am convinced we will survive this area.

Are you also someone who grew up without a smartphone, internet or computer and in one live technology will overtake the world?

It’s an awesome time!

Hannes Robier

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