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A power team of internationally established UX experts will deliver usability skills and knowledge
You will hear and feel how the human factors integrate with culture.

These are the roots for good UX design. This is your opportunity to network with us in your home.

The UX World Tour, a dual-language educational and networking event, is coming this Fall to different cities. Leading international voices in design will present training and panels in this two-day conference. Professionals and students in UX, IxD, CHI, human factors, and related disciplines from every city and nearby cities are encouraged to attend for this unique training and networking opportunity. Join us as we explore design, and take this opportunity to network with us in your home.

UX World Tour:

Shanghai: Click for Shanghai / China

Tokyo: Click for Tokyo / Japan

Singapore: Klick for Singapore

Bengalore: Click for Bengalore / India

Dubai: Click for Dubai / UAE

Graz: Click for the final in Graz / Austria





“I know that there is a huge number of UX Designer out there don’t have the time to join the World Usability Congress in Austria, so we decided to fly around with the best UX speakers. The local fee will finance the organizational costs. Everything additional will be for a student fond to pay students around the world the get a great UX training or master’s degree.
We all are idealists and want to share the knowledge with the world.”

Johannes Robier

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