What makes a good design so important for any product?

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power of emotions

You would probably answer, „because of it’s added value“- meaning that functionality and design are connecting with each other and creating within this combination an even better product than before.

you are right.

Think of all the great products and how they made people feel and react.

Apple build temples instead of just „stores“ for selling its products and made them even more interesting and valuable than any other company before. As a result to this, people started reacting differently to those products compared to usual devices in the smartphone industry. Have you heard about people who wanted to sell one of their kidneys, just to buy an iPhone… Crazy, isn’t it?

Some years ago, no one could imagine, having an organ transplantation, just for a phone.

How could Apple achieve such reactions?

Simply by selling emotions and stories within their products. They achieved to combine a high quality device with a great marketing and storytelling. Just take a look at their promotion-videos, online. Whenever you see an iPhone-User he or she is happy. They are never shown frustrated or sad- even in real live, you are not always happy – but that is exactly what they are selling us. Owning this device makes you happy. You must be. Happiness linked with quality seems to be worth a kidney now- but what do you think?

But how can you also use that market strategy for you own business and products?

Use Story Centred Customer Journeys for your Product Experience!

The process of creating products that make the user happy, pleased and fascinated can just be reached during a fluently functional design process. If the designer simply isn’t creative during his work, he cannot find the right solutions for creating an astonishing design, the costumer is unconditionally willing to love.

That kind of strategy of positive energy and happiness during any work process is discussed in one of Don Norman’s TED talks and is definitely worth watching it. As the the director of The Design Lab at the University of California, he really knows what he is talking about and demonstrates, that people who are stressed during their work cannot find as creative solutions for problems as motivated and happy correspondents.

So, remember, whenever you are feeling stressed, because the next deadline stands in line, think of his speech and remember, that you cannot do your best, when you are mentally exhausted.

Try to understand the user and create daily diaries to find the areas of interest, the hurdles of life. Make them a happy person.

Transporting this positive feeling into your daily life’s can lead to success.

Try it out for yourself.

And also don’t miss our related speech of Joe Lanzisero, former Creative Director & Senior Vice President at Walt Disney Imagineering.

In his speach, he will explain how emotion can guide design choices with the most impact.

  • Why Simplicity is the key to user friendly design and about universal human experiences.
  • Emotion can guide design choices with the most impact.
  • Simplicity is key to user friendly design
  • Universal human experiences


Written by Denise Hausjell / youspi


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