Why so serious? Let’s add some fun!

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We all know the usual online shopping experience: we search for the stuff we want, find it, add it to the cart and buy it. Yes, it is functional and quick but wouldn’t it be nice to experience something exciting during finding and buying it? And no, that doesn’t mean a wiggling shopping cart.

Fortunately, some online shops manage to surprise us again and again with their creative shopping experience ideas.
One example we discovered lately is the online shop „TwoSocks“.
The shop isn’t just nice to look at, also the fun is not missing out.

The Button “in case of emergency PULL“ doesn’t lead to a help page. It leads to a one-armed bandit – for socks. If you have no time to shop, press the “Play” button and the one-armed bandit shows you a combination of their most popular socks. TwoSocks says “Fashion-forward yet fuss-free shopping. Excellent.“ And in addition to that it is a nice feature to enhance the shopping experience.!/emergency


by Tamara Kober / youspi