Why user experience & usability is so necessary.

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Tick Tock, time is not only running out for all the bad products out there.

We are definately living in an efficient, structured and timetable based era.

That should be no secret for anyone, anymore. 

And in some decades, people will certainly define it as such an digital and efficiency-orientated time.

Since we were a child, we were taught to be on time or hurry up, especially if we were waisting time on things we considered to be necessary for us.

The term „not waisting any time“ just briliantly points out the spirit of our era.

Time – especially free-time was never before as important and rare as nowadays. 

The main reason for that is our busy and time consuming everyday work.

A work we need to do, for money, for living, for buying food, having a roof over our heads and achieving all those fancy things that sweeten up our well-planned life…

And everyone knows the term „time is money“.

Well, I would rather say: „Time is life. Money was just created by someone who has chosen it to become the rule of life, everyone is willing to accept“.

-Accept it and work, all your life or become a downshifter.

And the second option would be probably too exhausting for most of us…

We would have to give up our until now known, consumption-oriented lifestyle and change it to a lifestyle of sacrifice and unsteadiness.

Who would even be so brave to venture that step?

So we decide to stay in our society-accepted life, just the way it was before.

That’s how life works, and that’s what all the others do, so it must be the right way of life, we say to ourselves.

Even if that means to sacrifice on our own free-time and lifetime.

But we don’t want to sacrifice on all of our freetime.

That’s why we think our freetime should be even more structured and efficiently managed.

And that fact leads us to a brilliant user experience regarding to all of those products and services we are willing to use in our freetime.

If you, as a designer, a developer, or salesman are neglecting a great user experience, your business is doomed to end, before it even started.

Who wants to spend time on a remote control that just doesn’t work the way it should.

Who wants to buy products that just fail in their package design and drives someone mad?

Who wants to use a vending machine that just creams one error message after another?

No one.

So here is an appeal to all those businesspeople out there: 

 „Don’t make us waste our precious time on stuff, that simply doesn’t work.  

Please, just spend enough time on creating products that are easy, fast and self explaining in their use.  

Within this action you are sending an important message to the user and you customers : „Your time is valuable to me.“

And that’s simply all we want to hear. 

Nevertheless, creating a great usability for a product or service is just one of many factors, everyone has to consider. Here is an interesting link that points out other important factors:

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