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Wrap me if you can:
About environment, usability, and its changes:

You may think that usability has its focus in the digital world. It has something to do with smartphones, the internet and software. You are not absolutely wrong.

But in the following article, I will show you an great example that usability is mirrored in our daily routine as well, for example in package design.

I am sure, everyone remembers one or two products that just absolutely failed in their package design and made you go insane. Sometimes you probably also asked yourself ¬¬– why certain products even have to be wrapped in plastic or paper, because a packaging isn’t necessarily needed in those cases.

The first product that comes to my mind is a horrible packaging for a scissor.
If you need a scissor or a knife to open the package of a scissor, yep, then – bad design really happens.

And while I was surfing threw the internet I have also found a packaging for a banana. Why do people wrap food that is already wrapped by nature, with plastic?
It really makes me questioning why.
Rotting a banana peel, takes about 5 years (in European weather conditions).
You may think that is an incredible amount of time, but during this process, there is nothing bad happening to the environment, because it simply is organic.

Rotting a plastic bottle however takes about 450 years and more- and during this process, the plastic molders to micro plastic, that causes harmful effects for health and nature.

So, just to put this straight: Those products you buy, do not only fail in their package, they also fail in their decay process.

But lets return to the packaging and its usability component:
Even though a high number of products are designed bad in their package, people are willing to buy them.
But why?
You may think, because there are no better solutions for annoying packaging fails found yet. – But you are wrong.
There are awesome, clever solutions invented and some company’s use them already, but it seems like the most companies prefer a cheaper solution for their package- and that’s mostly the worse alternative.

It’s a question of money, but only sometimes.
Package and dealing with waist is becoming more and more a question of sustainability, not only usability.
In the near future, package design will have to reinvent themselves.
Usability will furthermore become one of the main focuses, just as sustainability and recycling.

Sooner or later, the whole package industry has to focus more on following factors in detail:
– Creting a package design the customer will love, because it is easy and fun to use
– Giving packaging an added value: For example, by re-using packages, for other content.
– Using natural, organic materials, that are no risk to the environment any more.
– Rethinking the package design from time to time and improve new clever solutions.

We already experience an uprising lifestyle of health and sustainability in Europe. There are for example various shops that sell foods without any package, just like old shops in the past, they sell their goods by weight.

Within this idea, the customer will only have to pay for the food, not for the packaging anymore, saves money and resources. He/She doesn’t have to carry out that big amount of garbage anymore and last but not least doesn’t get angry by bad designed packaging.

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