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  • Power Shift From Producers to Users
  • New Role of Design
  • New Competencies needed by Design
  • Welcome to intralogistics! A brief excursion into the world of Ergonomics@Work
  • The influence of customer expectations and user experiences on usability in warehouse solutions
  • Main challenges for usability and ergonomics in the field of intralogistics solutions

The one-day workshop tutorial summarizes key concepts of
user-centered design (UCD) for mobile experiences, then focuses on
mobile persuasion design, with detailed discussion of ten case studies,
each for a unique user community and content/context, with
questions/discussions after each Machine case-study presentation.
Depending on time at the conclusion of the day, participants will engage
in brief hands-on practice of mobile persuasion design for the Happiness
Machine for a particular culture, context, and community. Also, if time
permits, there will be an additional presentation focusing on emerging
Chinese UX mobile paradigms. In addition to the lectures and short
exercise, participants will receive other documents and publications that
will help them put theory into practice after the tutorial/workshop.
This workshop/tutorial is being shortly after the publication of Mr. Marcus’
latest book Mobile Persuasion Design, being published mid-2015 by
Springer UK. The book contains the most complete case studies of each
of the ten Machine projects ever published. Participants may be entitled
to a special discount on purchase of the book.

  • The digital factory is the logical prosecution of the virtual Engineering
  • We are able to shorten ramp up times und secure safer product launches
  • It is still a long way towards “plug and manufacture”
  • UX Metrics, How to evaluate usability test metrics?
  • How to display usability test results?
  • Infographic, Video and Graphic projection of usability metrics
  • Meet people you want to meet
  • Make business
  • Meet people you want to meet
  • Make business
  • How does Usability and User Experience impact the product design in traditional business domains like the test and measurement industry?
  • What does that mean for the used development processes?
  • What are the lessons learned based on the experiences that were made during the creation of this product?

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