Matthias Wirthmann, Astrid Dorner

Industrial UX solutions in logistic warehouses

Thursday, October 8th

14:15 - 15:00

Key Learnings

  • Welcome to intralogistics! A brief excursion into the world of Ergonomics@Work
  • The influence of customer expectations and user experiences on usability in warehouse solutions
  • Main challenges for usability and ergonomics in the field of intralogistics solutions


To boldly go where no person has gone before – the industry presents special needs in usability and ways of dealing with users and their specific way of working. Learn how UX influences may change the ways of working in intralogistics warehouses.

Intralogistics is a constantly emerging market. During the last few years customers interest in personalized soft- and hardware solutions has been constantly increasing. The presentation will give some insights in the intralogistics business, which challenges designers, programmers and projects teams are facing in specialized warehouses and distribution centers – and how they accomplish these tasks.

It introduces some special projects e.g. how UI designers were inspired by the needs of a customer who strongly supports the employment of people with limitations or how a deep freeze warehouse challenges even UI experts. An outlook what comes next in intralogistics solutions and what future might bring will round off this short trip into the world of intralogistics.

Thursday, October 8th

14:15 - 15:00

Matthias Wirthmann

Head of Ergonomics & Usability - SSI Schäfer

Matthias Wirthmann is Head of ergonomics and usability at SSI Schäfer IT supporting the companies different software development teams in all matters of UI and usability. Additionally he acts as consultant for the IT project teams of SSI Schäfer regarding specific project and user driven requirements. His primary function is to represent the UI part of the product development team. Currently his main focus is on evaluating the capabilities of smart devices in logistic software products with his team.

Astrid Dorner

Group manager for IT Services - SSI Schäfer

Astrid Dorner has + 20 years experience in the information technology sector and about +7 years in intralogistics sector. Currently she holds the position of group manager for IT Services (responsible for IT related service topics such as graphics  & web design, IT marketing, IT documentation, IT quality management, training and testing) at SSI Schäfer Peem in Graz. Prior to SSI Schäfer she worked as marketing manager and public relation specialist, graphic Designer and IT trainer in different companies in the information technology sector.


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