Markus Moser, Michael Sussmann

Usability in an “Industry 4.0” scenario

Thursday, October 8th

09:00 - 09:45

Key Learnings

  • Learn where the main obstacles for Industry 4.0 are
  • See usability in a broader context regarding Industry 4.0
  • Experience the difference between the CEO and CFO point of view regarding usability



Industry 4.0 is a buzzword and most of the time we see shiny, polished surfaces showing data to high level CxOs. At least when it comes down to sales power point presentations. But is that all? Didn’t we miss out something? Or someone?
The emphasis of this talk is on the usability of Industry 4.0 for those people who aren’t on the radar in the first step. But whose buy in will be crucial for the success of Industry 4.0. Because when everybody talks about 1% increase of revenue (per month) due to Industry 4.0, the usability of the systems executing those gains and retrieving all those valuable data is hardly on sight. And they are more.

Thursday, October 8th

09:00 - 09:45

Required Experience
30% Level of Experience
20% Involvement

Markus Moser

CEO - Axtesys

Markus Moser has a track record of 20 years in the software industry. He worked in the areas of product management (managing a portfolio of 1 billion euro), strategic development of service offerings and innovation and technology management. He has also a strong project management background. He holds 39 patents for various innovations, mainly user driven ones. Axtesys focuses on good user experience in an industrial environment, within all given limitations. That’s also where the heart of Markus is to be found: give engineers a tool for making their work easier and better.

Michael Sussmann


Michael Sussmann has been employed since 1999 at NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG as Sales Director. He is responsible for the areas Sales, Marketing and Product Management. Since 2014 he is CEO of Zirrus Cloud Service GmbH, a subsidiary company of NTS. He graduated at the University of Applied Sciences Campus 02 as Mag. (FH) and also helds an MBA in Sales Management awarded by the Sales Manager Academy. Michael Sussmann is married and has two children.


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