Thomas Hartwig & Peter Astbury

The Path to a Modular Design System

Tuesday, October 18th

10:50 - 11:40

Key Learnings

  • How to start, grow and maintain a manageable modular design system that will be right for your specific needs
  • How and when to create a living style guide
  • Common pitfalls in the process
  • Details

    After hearing the talk you will be able to embark on the process of setting up a modular design framework with a style guide in your organisation.

    Many talks focus on the fundamentals of what a modular design framework is, however not many disclose how to approach this framework in reality. For many design teams this can be a daunting challenge.

    Our talk will focus on a universal approach underlined with real-world examples from our experience at The Telegraph within the UX team.

    Tuesday, October 18th

    10:50 - 11:40

    Required Experience
    30% Level of Experience
    30% Involvement

    Thomas Hartwig & Peter Astbury

    Lead UX Designer & UX Designer - Telegraph Media Group

    Lead UX Designer & UX Designer/Student Telegraph Media Group & Loughborough University Thomas is one of the Lead UX Designers at The Telegraph, the UK based broadsheet newspaper. He is part of a multi disciplinary team of UX Designers, Researchers and Prototypers who are passionate about building the best possible digital products for The Telegraph readers and editorial staff. Most recently Thomas has worked on the re-platform and re-design of the website and style guide documenting its modular design framework. Thomas has worked in digital design for over 15 years and has delivered projects for major player in the publishing industry including Sky, News Corp, The Times Higher Education and The Daily Mirror before joining The Telegraph.


    Peter came to The Telegraph in London after two years at Loughborough University studying Industrial Design & Technology. He quickly became an integral part of their UX team, working on key projects including the website re-platforming. He also handled the design of their Style Guide, a living, code-based tool documenting the modular design framework. Using his Industrial Design background, Peter strives to learn and ultimately create the best digital product outcome for both user and business.


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