Raffaella Roviglioni & Alessio Ricco

Improv.e UX: improve your UX soft skills (10/20 participants)

Tuesday, October 18th

10:00 - 12:30

Key Learnings

  • Increase their awareness about their role and behavior within a group
  • Reflect on their automatic reactions to stress and failure and experiment on how to change them
  • Recognize their inner censorship in order to silent it when engaged in a creative process
  • Experience their listening ability and learning how to improve it
  • Include others’ ideas and try to build on them in a collective creative moment.
  • Details

    As UX practitioners, we need to cultivate a number of soft skills on a daily basis. Amongst others: empathy and deep listening, the ability to work effectively within a group, lateral thinking and storytelling.

    In improv theatre, actors need to manage the unexpected, working together to create a show without a script. The techniques they use are very valuable for tackling some of the skills we need to improve.


    During this workshop we’ll learn by doing, improving while experimenting ourselves through games and practical exercises.

    Each one will shed a light on one or more aspects of our profession and practice.

    After each round of exercises we’ll spend some time debriefing, to share our thoughts and feelings about what we just saw and reflect about the possible impact on our work approach.


    The workshop is suitable for any UX, IA professionals, developers, product managers and anyone working in the digital and service design field.

    It  requires a light physical activity where most of the time we’ll be standing up or sitting on the floor.

    Tuesday, October 18th

    10:00 - 12:30

    Required Experience
    20% Level of Experience
    80% Involvement

    Raffaella Roviglioni & Alessio Ricco

    UX Researcher & Co-design facilitator - Consultant & Carma Ltd

    Raffaella is UX researcher and designer since 2009, Raffaella has a scientific background in agriculture and told her story towards UX at EuroIA 2012. She is based in Rome and works as a freelance consultant on national and international projects dealing with user research, usability testing, UX design, co-design and facilitation. She is also partner of Usertestlab and UX Fellows networks.

    Amongst her clients: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Banca Credem, Sony, Fastweb, Erg, BNP Paribas and the European Commission.

    In the UX/IA community, Raffaella coordinates the Rome UX Book Club and is a board member of the Italian Association for Information Architecture (Architecta). She is also Country Ambassador for Italy at EuroIA. In her spare time, she is a passionate fantasy reader, an appreciated cook and is a cosplayer exploring the Steampunk movement.


    Twitter: @alessioricco
    Alessio is a Software Designer, facilitator and ScrumMaster.
    He spoke at several international events and conferences about mobile and UX.
    As Improv actor he played in several improv comedy shows in Italy and at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013.
    He’s facilitator for the Codesign JAM-Roma and cofounder of the Cork UX Book Club.


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