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In this interactive Session you are invited to think about Vision & Purpose as essential Experience factor. You are invited to reflect on your companies vision and match it up with your personas and even your own vision for the future.   Martin Wolf will share examples of his 15 years experience in Management & […]

Usability is about people.  Safety is about people.  The people that enjoy products with incorporated usability are the same people that suffer from workplace injury.  The goals of Usability and Safety are aligned very closely.  Usability engineering that has been developed over the last 30 years to improve performance, reduce errors, and increase sales can […]

The Pubcamp is a barcamp-like event taking place the evening before the World Usability Congress.The event starts at 6pm with an introduction round and a vote for topics. The chosen propositions will then be discussed for about 30 minutes. Breaks in-between will give space to side-discussions and in-depth talks.

To participate in this event please register in advance on the website.

Many of our methodological dialogue centres around best practice as it applies to agency life or inside of tech companies. But it’s a different world inside a large organization, especially one where technology is not the core product. At Morgan Stanley (like many similar financial institutions) in spite of 10 figure it budgets and 10’s […]

User rejection is one of the major risks for projects in safety critical domains such as Bluelight, Railway, Air Traffic Control, etc… –  Control Rooms. More than 70% are suffering from it. It is eroding budgets and stretching time schedules. This risk can be eliminated if treated professionally. Frequentis has researched the reasons, developed the […]

As of now, there is a big hype around Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions that of course reaches into the Usability and User Experience community. As with every hype that is likely to become mainstream, practitioners all over the world are at a point where they need to be able answering questions […]

Klaus Hofer and Kari Peters & Mike Hanna will be conducting a live on-stage usability test. Four actual test persons will be performing a given task simultaneously on-stage, allowing the audience to observe. In the debriefing, Craig and Klaus will discuss observed behavioral aspects as well as test criteria and limitations. You will come away […]

In this talk, I will explain how human evolution has shaped the way how we respond to and interact with media and information technologies in certain ways. After that, I will explain how our understanding of such influences of evolution can be effectively applied to the design of successful ICT (information and communication technologies) products and interfaces. […]

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