Xue Chengqi

Neurodesign- Cross-border thinking brain science in design

Thursday, January 1st

13:15 - 14:00


Neuro-design is intended to explore and uncover the rules of brain activities in the process of human design and experience by the use of neuroscience (brain science) and related life science and technology so as to guide the design activities to the direction of human nature.

Purpose: Neurodesign is aimed at providing the scientific basis of neuroscience and revealing the neurophysiological phenomena in the field of design for the purpose of interpreting and guiding the design in a deep and all-around way, thus it can reduce the cognitive friction between designers and users.

Neurodesign main research objects: characteristics of brain activities and the process of cognitive thinking in the design process; typical design process, EEG topographic maps for design elements and typical EEG thresholds; corresponding evaluation techniques and evaluation systems; design problems in brain-computer control and interaction.

This report will focus on the crossover of brain science in the field of design and the resulting research branches and fields. The definition of neurodesign, the object and the target of the research as well as the impact of the research on traditional design will also be involved in the report. In addition, the relationship between neuro-design and traditional design as well as the work carried out in this field by Southeast University will also be introduced.

Such as: NeuroDesign-Digital Interface Design; NeuroDesign-Product Design; NeuroDesign – Human-Computer Interaction Design

Thursday, January 1st

13:15 - 14:00

Xue Chengqi

Dean of industry design department - Southeast University China

Doctor, professor and doctor supervisor. Elected as the “Six of talent peak program in Jiangsu province” in 2010. Chosen as “China’s top ten education workers of industrial design” in 2014.

Now working at school of mechanical engineering in Southeast University, dean of industry design department, director of product design and reliability engineering institute of Southeast University, head of industry design doctoral degree and design science master degree.

Main social position are: Senior member of Chinese mechanical engineering society and Chinese electronic society, member of Computer engineering and professional technology committee of China computer society and association of machinery industry education of institutions of higher learning of industrial design discipline teaching committee of China, standing committee member of industry branch of Chinese mechanical engineering society and Information fusion branch of Chinese aviation institute, member of Human-computer ergonomics society of China and China management ergonomics branch, Chinese society of command and control professional committee at sea. Managing editor of 《electronic mechanical engineering》, editorial specialist of 《Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering》, 《Journal of Southeast University》, 《Journal of huazhong university of science and technology》, 《Computer-aided engineering》, 《Journal of Image and Graphics》,《Journal of nanjing university of technology》, 《Journal of Vibration and Shock》, 《Journal of Engineering Design》, etc. As visiting scholar, Prof.Xue has visited some countries such as Canada ,Australia , USA for cooperative research

Recently, hosted as and be responsible for 15 research project at the national and provincial level( including 3 NSFC and 2 under-research program), project of Enterprises entrust projects over 40, now Prof..Xue has published 7 monographs and textbooks and more than 150 papers, awarded prize of provincial level four times, 50 patent(including 4 invention patents).

Main research field:product design and reliability engineering, human-machine interface design of complicated information system, nervo-design science, etc.

In industrial design and the human-machine interface design research, combined with human-computer ergonomics and the development of computer technology, design team led by Prof. Xue have completed more than 50 research projects, including the industry design of electric car charging pile, industry design of high-speed train chair, human-machine interface design of avionics system, etc.

At present, Prof. Xue Chengqi is in charge of the industrial design, joint graduate program, between Southeast University and Monash University in Australia ,which began operating in 2012.

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