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Learn about Alibaba’s humanic approaches in developing future technologies Understand the impacts of AI design today in Alibaba market places and how to react Observe and find new design opportunities to create new experiences for human

Safety-critical environment is not only a large technological but also a human centric system completely dependent on human’s ability, skills, experience and judgment in their operating environments. Understanding humans in operation of those is crucial to be able to provide 24/7 high reliable performance. Safety-related design comprises all aspects of safe interaction and communication between […]

The modern digital landscape transformed the way companies do business and the fundamental definition of sustainable business. The software is now the connective tissue of every product and service, and people increased affinity with technology redefined their experience standards and expectations. This scenario has a bi-dimensional effect on organizations of all kinds. Internally, this shift […]

In the dawn of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence influenced most industries and their products. So does Automotive Industry. What is the Vehicle in terms of Mobility 4.0? What will be changed in the car with Robot technology? And the Vehicle experience? Since the announcement of Google’s autonomous car at 2010, the vehicle experience changed a […]

Industrial safety experts are trained to look at all the contributors to an incident. Administrative, engineering, human factors are taken into consideration.  Current behavioral safety methodology has the luxury, and the curse, of hindsight bias.  Every error and misstep looks obvious and foolish now that the people involved know the outcome.  This type of determination […]

  • Learn about the main central aspects of the GDPR influencing UX, privacy by design/privacy by default
  • Evaluate software systems for GDPR compliance and to recognize non-compliant aspects of user interfaces
  • Understand which strategies and patterns can be applied to the GDPR.
  • Create a mindset for systems thinking in usability engineering
  • Learn about usability tests of driver assistance systems that go beyond the HMI
  • Learn about a powerful tool for managing the efficiency, safety and security of automotive and aviation systems
  • What’s in it for me, Adobe XD? Date and Time: 16.October @ 10am Location: FH Joanneum / Alte Poststrasse 152 / Room 306  (BlueHouse / Third Floor) Workshop Speaker: Matthias Ott, Independent UX Designer and UI engineer BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE Pre Workshop Ticket to access this Pre Congress Workshops register now 16.October \\ FH [...]
    This workshop is about intelligent user interfaces. We will use examples in different user interfaces to touch on the challenges of data acquisition, building user models and evaluating intelligent interfaces. With a basis of these topics we will define a framwork for novel interfaces that base the presentation and interaction modalities on models of the [...]