Klaus Hofer

Applied Psychology: UX Master Class

Tuesday, October 16th

09:00 - 15:30

Hotel Weitzer

Measurable Learning Skills

  • Use measurable language to lock in the foundation of a UX project.
  • Apply neuroscience research to apply comprehension control or to stimulate creativity.
  • Apply lessons from cognitive sciences to measurably reduce comprehension errors.
  • Drive user behaviours by applying techniques learned from behavioural sciences.
  • Create marketing strategies that are based on classic human emotions and desires.

Enjoy this interactive living-learning experience and take away skills you won’t forget. Build UX products that follow the human factors of cognition and behaviours. Always know that: No matter how good an opinion is, the laws of nature will operate regardless.

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16.October \ Hotel Weitzer

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Tuesday, October 16th

09:00 - 15:30

Hotel Weitzer

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Klaus Hofer


Founder of Communications And Training international – CAT-i

Professional associations

  • APA – American Psychological Association
  • STC – Society for Technical Communication
  • WUC – World Usability Congress
  • IABC – International Association for Business Communications

How it started 1970 – 1976

My early work in aviation and hospitals lead to my interest in cognitive and organizational psychology. I needed to understand: Why can well-trained highly motivated people make deadly errors? I wanted researched answers, not judgmental opinions. My ongoing studies and research in behavioral and cognitive psychology provide the basis for my professional life.

Transition 1977 – 1995

After too many years in too many universities (Australia, Canada, USA and Germany), I developed a full semester course and corporate workshop: “Applied Psychology for Technical Communicators”. Initially presented at the University of Massachusetts in 1986, I taught multiple variations of this course at several colleges, universities and corporations in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Current Work 1995 – 2016

I research, consult and teach. Together with specialists in Houston Texas, our team currently conducts the first series of usability tests of operating procedures in a live operating petrochemical plant. Our emphasis continues to be on applied human behaviour research into designing user centered documentation. Together with my team I continue our active involvement with the World Usability Congress and our partners in Austria and Switzerland.

My Vision

My team and I envision the day when no operators anywhere in the world have to perform a procedure that does not follow the principles of human cognition and behavior.