Jürgen Blematl

There and never back again – a UX learning journey for building an auction platform

Thursday, October 18th

10:25 - 11:10

Key Learnings

  • Change the development strategy with just a few steps in order to avoid failure
  • Use transparent methods to start user research in your project
  • Create a user-centered mindset in your team by employing simple methods
  • Gain valuable insights into your users‘ behavior through the usage of different tools

From “no idea” to user focus – how to launch a successful auction platform from scratch. Jürgen will share his insights on establishing a user-centered development project in a non-technical company with almost zero resources.

“When the project got stuck the first time, we started to deal with questions like: How to set priorities if everything seems equally important? How to decide what to omit, before running out of resources? How to measure the success of our software product?”

The UX learning curve: From guessing to measuring

At this point, the project needed a change of focus towards a single source of truth: The future users and their needs, pains and gains.

Jürgen will explain why a user-centered approach means first of all a change of mindset for everybody and how to implement the user focus in an agile environment.

Moreover, Jürgen will share his learnings on how visualization and prototyping can establish a shared understanding throughout the project team and how almost anybody can be a user researcher by applying a few hands-on methods.

Opinion vs. data

The session will provide you with real-life examples of how user research changed the outcome of the project and offer some crucial light-bulb moments for the team, showing the difference between opinion and data: “What we thought users would do“ vs. “What users actually did“; ”What we thought was important“ vs. “What actually was important“.

Thursday, October 18th

10:25 - 11:10

Jürgen Blematl

Head of Product Development and Innovation - aurena.at

Jürgen is project leader for the development of a new online auction platform based in Styria. At aurena.at, he has been building an in-house startup company from scratch and has successfully managed the implementation of a user-centered development process.

As an expert in modeling complex software solutions, Jürgen focuses on agile development and user-centered design. He sees UX as a team sport and puts great effort into creating a shared understanding within a project.

Jürgen is a certified Scrum Master and holds a UX certificate from the Nielsen Norman Group. He has a master’s degree in Logistics Engineering from Montanuniversität Leoben.

Equipped with strong entrepreneurial skills, Jürgen founded his first company at the age of 18. He has been working as a business development consultant for numerous institutions and companies and gained international experience in Malaysia and Germany. His analytical, yet creative approach is also expressed in his passion for photography.



“Talking to the users will change your perspective – every time. Go from guessing to testing and build better solutions.“

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