Maricel Cabahug

Simpler and Richer: Unleashing Human Potential through Design

Wednesday, October 17th

10:15 - 11:00

Key Learnings

  • Gain a glimpse into SAP’s vision for the future of work.
  • Consider the values and ethics that will help designers shape a vibrant collaboration between people and AI.
  • See the technologies that SAP is exploring to help people experience our digital reality as naturally as our physical, social and emotional realities. These include SAP CoPilot – SAP’s new digital assistant for the enterprise.

There is a myth in software development today. It goes something like this: the data driving more and more of the world around us is too complex, and needs to be dumbed-down, in order for humans to effectively interact with it.


I believe that software should enhance human potential and play to human strengths, not ignore them. Today’s UX conventions are not rich enough to capitalize on the extraordinary capabilities that people have adapted over thousands of years to interpret and influence our physical, social and emotional environment. We need to rethink not only human-computer interaction, but also how design can support a vibrant human collaboration with artificial intelligence.


At SAP, we  are learning how to design data-rich, multi-sensory experiences that facilitate people’s understanding and mastery of the digital world – experiences built for humans, not other machines. We are exploring how to intensify experience, even as we simplify it – to liberate people to realize their goals and not be constrained by the available tools.


In this session, we will look at the constraints of technologies and UX conventions we have all been working with for decades, then look forward to the design vision we are pursuing to truly unleash human potential.

Wednesday, October 17th

10:15 - 11:00

Maricel Cabahug

Chief Design Officer - SAP

As Chief Design Officer, Maricel is responsible for SAP’s overall design strategy and product design. Maricel’s overarching goal is to deliver the best user experience to the world’s business users. She and her organization are passionate about co-innovation with customers to realize greater business value through technology that works for people. At the heart of everything she is does is her goal to improve people’s lives by making work delightful.

Maricel is a software engineer turned thought leader in design and user experience. Before joining SAP, Maricel worked for Yaskawa Electric, an SAP customer, where she grew from an application developer to the CIO of the company. Her SAP journey to the position of Chief Design Officer began in 2011, when she joined the company as VP of Solution Architecture. She then moved to the Office of the CDO as Global VP and Chief of Staff. In 2013, she became Senior Vice President and Head of Global Design and Fiori Product Management. In April of 2018, she was named Chief Design Officer.

Being a multi-passionate intrapreneur, she is defining a completely new market category of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence with her team’s latest products: SAP CoPilot, a digital assistant and bot-integration hub for the enterprise, and SAP Inscribe, a natural, freestyle pen and paper experience that leverages the power of system intelligence.



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