Vivian Gomes

Google Design Sprint Workshop


The Design Sprint is a proven methodology for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with users. Design Sprints quickly align teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables. Ultimately, it is a certified tool set for developing a hypothesis, prototyping an idea, and testing it rapidly with as little investment as possible in as real an environment as possible. You will greatly benefit from this workshop and see immediate results in your team, organization and can be applied in almost any area of work including personal goals.


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15. October – Messe Graz
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  • Lead a team through the Design Sprint process with confidence
  • Map out a challenge and choose the most important place to start
  • Identify crucial business and product questions to be answered in your sprint
  • Sketch a solution with confidence, even if you’re not a designer
  • Make smart decisions without lengthy discussion
  • Choose the right prototyping method for your product or service
  • Test hypotheses before you invest months of work and millions
  • Integrate Design Sprint methods into your product development calendar
  • Improve productivity, solve big challenges, and foster innovation at your organization

Who can attend

The Design Sprint Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to build better solutions, experiences, products, and services faster, especially.

  • Founders, Owners, and Executives
  • Team Leaders and Managers
  • Engineers and Designers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketers
  • Creatives, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to have a larger impact on key projects

Date: Tuesday, October 15th
Time: 08:30 - 17:00
Location: Messe Congress
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Vivian Gomes

Director of User Experience, Human Factors Research & Design

Vivian Gomes is an experienced Human Centered Design professional. Hands-on and practical to the core, he believes that insights at the intersection of user needs, technology and business helps create highly effective and innovative products and solutions defining a brand on the foundation of DESIGN. His strengths lie in creating a vision for experience design, crafting compelling stories and developing a solution’s design ecosystems across multiple media and devices for a connected, seamless end-user experience for customers from a variety of industries. He is also a teacher-mentor and a usability/ UX specialist with a successful track record of innovating, creating, delivering, while collaborating, motivating and working with local and globally disparate design teams, studios, stake holders and partners. Vivian enjoys interfacing with customers globally and with internal and external partners to bring innovative and disruptive design ideas to life. He thrives on managing and mentoring creative talent, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams, maneuvering through project and business challenges and most importantly, envisioning and conceptualizing intuitive, cohesive, immersive design experiences that delight users and profit end customers. On a day today basis Vivian plays many roles, driving creation of compelling products and solution portfolios for customers that include healthcare, Social innovation in community uplifting program design and application, retail, Analytics and data Science, Military, Government, GIS, payments/finance, social, search, e-commerce, startups, cloud based web applications, portals, IOT products and solutions, mobile/telecom, wearable tech, and so on. He has been working with core management team of many leading organizations and on on company boards as an advisor. He has set up many design innovation labs across the globe to make ideas come to life, focusing on future of design needs. He has built UX/design teams, imbibed a culture of design thinking, mentored design managers and leaders, set up global design centers and design research labs in India, EUROPE, Asia, UK, Middle East and USA. A certified Design thinking trainer from LUMA Institute, Pittsburgh and a UX / Design mentor on Google Launchpad and Tien OS, he leads by example to drive a cultural transformation in organizations through Design.