Clemens Posch

Design-Ops: Establishing Operational Excellence and Designing for Scale

Key Learnings

  • Understand how methods and processes learned from software engineering can be applied to UX/UI design for more significant project success.
  • Learn how to establish operational excellence in your company/agency.
  • Learn how to work simultaneously on big projects with a team that ships big amounts of screen and interaction designs often.
  • Learn about modern design workflow management by using tools like Sketch, Abstract, Zeplin, and Invision.


In a world where an ever-growing number of devices, interfaces, and applications compete for user attention, the practical need of professional user experience work becomes apparent. Moreover, it’s a driving force to reach a crucial goal: build successful products effectively and economically.

The speaker gives us insights into Parkside’s design operations. We hear about the tools, methods, and design systems in use that help to establish and maintain operational excellence in daily design work.

Furthermore, we gain insights into how simultaneous work on large projects and in big teams that ship hundreds of screens and interactions can be managed successfully. Originally being rooted in the established software engineering realm, Parkside introduces methods that are preferably associated with software engineering into UX/UI design. For instance, the use of
version control, the application of branching as well as managing repositories.

Steadily working with and improving those principles, the company nurtures high-end UX design operations for scale and economic efficiency and delivers successful projects for clients like LinkedIn, Wirecard, RideAmigos, and PicMonkey.

Date: Thursday, October 17th
Time: 09:30 - 10:15
Location: Hall 12


Clemens Posch

Product Design Director, Parkside

Clemens Posch is a Designer & Art Director from Austria. Specialised in the fields of Product Design, he aims to bring complex ideas to simple solutions. Currently, Clemens is working at Parkside as a Product Design Director on the next iteration of interactive products with international clients such as LinkedIn, PicMonkey and RideAmigos.

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