Martina Mitz

UX Psychology

Key Learnings

  • What is Psychology?
  • Brain Evolution
  • Micro Processes
  • Macro Processes
  • Human Processes


Psychology has become very popular in the UX-field, but most practitioners and colleagues expect rather manipulation practices (psychology hacks) than actual scientific understanding of the inner processes of human beings. More and more UX-people however, became aware of UX Psychology in recent years and have repeatedly asked, how they can obtain the basics of Psychology. Going through the scientific literature is very time-consuming, but online courses that are offered usually just scratch the surface and deviate strongly from UX interests. Therefore, I decided to put together a workshop, in which I convey all psychological and psychotherapeutic principles relevant for and tailored to UX work.


In this 3h workshop the participant will learn how a (Neuro-/Bio-) Psychologist conceives humans; how a Psycho Therapist builds relationship with their clients, so that together they can start solving (psychological) problems; how a psychological Researcher conducts different kinds of tests and experiments to understand human psyche and needs; and last but not least – how all these principles map to the UX-process.


The workshop does not requite any preliminary knowledge about Psychology as it builds a common knowledge-fundament from the very beginning.

Date: Thursday, October 17th
Time: 09:00 - 12:00


Martina Mitz


Martina started as a self-taught Web Designer in 1999. From the very beginning her approach was user-centered despite not being familiar with the now-common phrase of ‘User Experience’. In 2007 she finalized her (Diploma-) study in Psychology and started working in the field of clinical Psychology. It was at this point that Martina’s academic background and her passion joined and she started a career as UX Designer, being called “Conceptioner” at first. Since then Martina has not only contributed to the digital and service ecosystems of many recognizable companies (e.g. eBay, PayPal, Emirates Airlines, Volkswagen, Telekom and many more), but she also helped selected Start-ups in Europe, by forming and driving their Research, as well as contributing to their product or service strategy and definition.

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