Vimal Govind

UX Driven Rehabilitation & Training in Robotic, Exoskeleton & Automation Industries

Key Learnings

  • The importance of UX driven Rehabilitation & Training in Robotic, exoskeleton & Automation Industries.
  • The major factors to be considered while designing UX for Rehabilitation and Training and the concept of combined intelligence.
  • How AI & Sensor based inputs can incorporate to simplify the machine and Human interaction to optimize the performance & fool proofing the system operations.

The Robotic Industry growing very rapidly, the growth is not only in existing market opportunity’s but also its expanding in to new dimensions in many ways that we can’t even predict. This leads to many challenges as well; one of the main challenges is the “unemployment” human labour. Rehabilitation & Augmentation is the best way to solve this challenge and UX driven process and system will be the answer for a faster implementation. To Build an effective UX design as well as implementation strategy for this purpose, you need some technique like combined intelligence as well as thorough knowledge about how to incorporate AI & Sensor based inputs in to the system that will make the system smart as well as self-learning in a dynamic and varying environment.

Date: Thursday, October 17th
Time: 13:15 - 14:00
Location: Hall 10


Vimal Govind

Director and Chief Executive Officer, Genrobotic Innovations Pvt Ltd.

VIMAL GOVIND one of the Director and Chief Executive Officer of Genrobotic Innovations Pvt Ltd. Leading a group of highly passionate young blooded engineers and business professionals to create technology solutions for unsolved issues in our society.

VIMAL GOVIND is a Mechanical Engineering graduate specialized in Robotic Technology and Artificial Intelligence. Recently he become the LiF fellow of the Royal academy of Engineering, UK.   The passion, skills and experience in the field of robotics is the intension to make stupendous innovations. He started his career as a Design Engineer after his graduation. To chase his dream he quit the job and started Genrobotics in 2017.

He is the brain behind the first Robotic Scavenger in the world named as Bandicoot Robot, To bring evolutionary changes in the life of humans who working in sewer manholes every day. With the best UX Strategy and by designing the smart UI, he is successful in rehabilitating hundreds of illiterate sewer workers to operate Bandicoot robotic in a record time.  He is also the brain behind Generation 1 and 2 Robotic Exoskeletons and the maneuvering concept known as Pnuamtic and Mechanical feedback method.

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