Stefan Bauer

Eight learnings from institutionalizing UX in an organization from scratch

Key Learnings

  • Make better decisions in setting up and managing a UX team
  • Integrate UX as a role in an agile software development setup consisting of tribes, squads & chapters
  • Make UX visible in a large-scale organization
  • Understand UX & stakeholder related processes within an organization


The presentation will reflect on 1.5 years of experience in setting up and managing a UX team in a large financial organization from scratch. The organization has gone through an agile transformation (Spotify model) and the UX team took more and more tasks in-house (e.g. visual design).

By visualizing the different stages of the UX team’s development, eight main learnings will be presented with practical examples. Top 8 learnings will be discussed on a meta-level and will include practical examples too/as well. The learnings will include:

  • Align goals of stakeholders (e.g. Marketing, UX, and product owners)
  • Visualize UX: Communication efforts to get organizational credibility
  • Increase intrinsic motivation: Empowerment of team members
  • Define roles: General UX roles vs. specifically designed roles (e.g. UX researcher)
  • Learn from external consultants: Design agencies support to grow and learn
  • Insource visual design & user research: Pitfalls and To-Do’
  • Get top (board) level management support: Inviting board members to user research
  • UX as a central role in agile development: User flow process models (“Big pictures”) to institutionalize UX as a central role

Date: Thursday, October 17th
Time: 09:30 - 10:15
Location: Hall 2


Stefan Bauer

Innovation School Director, Talent Garden Austria

Educator. Innovator. Driving digital innovation in a major Austrian bank by leading the UX department in an agile organization. My passion for technology and creative industries was accelerated during my career as a researcher and university lecturer.