Dagmar Wehr, Hanna Köhler

Inclusive Design – How to greatly improve people’s lives by doing your job a little better

Key Learnings

  • Understand the basics of software accessibility and inclusive design
  • Learn about the numerous benefits of accessible applications
  • Get to know practical design tips and tricks


You think that accessibility and inclusive design benefits only people with disabilities? Think again.

Remember that time when you broke your arm and tried to get dressed, or when you were carrying your grocery shopping bag and tried to unlock your door? Now ask yourself what you would do if your hands were always busy and you couldn’t use them at all. And how would you use a computer or mobile device if you couldn’t see or hear?

Inclusive Design aims to solve those challenges, for all people, regardless of their limitations.

In our talk, we will cover the basics of accessibility and inclusive design, who it is for (hint: not only for people with disabilities), why it is an important aspect of software design and what you need do to create more accessible applications. We will also address the various benefits of inclusive design from a business point of view as well as legal aspects.

Date: Thursday, October 17th
Time: 13:15 - 14:00
Location: Hall 2

Dagmar Wehr

Senior UX Designer, Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

For more than 15 years Dagmar has been working as a senior UX designer for Deutsche Telekom AG. In addition to extensive experience in both waterfall and agile projects, she has contributed to the design and implementation of concepts for the integration of usability/UX methods into an organization.

For five years now, she has been promoting the Design for All approach and has built up profound knowledge of accessibility. Her goal is to successfully combine UX and AX requirements so that applications are easy to use for ALL users.

Hanna Köhler

Hanna Köhler

Program Manager UX, Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

Hanna is a senior UX expert with more than 15 years of in-house UX experience in large international companies. As Program Manager UX at Deutsche Telekom IT, Hanna is committed to the best UX of applications used by Deutsche Telekom employees all around the world. She and her team are passionate about working with users to develop innovative, meaningful products and services tailored to their needs.

Hanna is a software engineer who has always had a knack for design and creativity. Working in the field of UX enables her to express both her technical and her creative talents. Before joining Deutsche Telekom IT, Hanna worked at Siemens Healthcare (now Siemens Healthineers), where she worked as a senior usability engineer on user interface concepts for various medical imaging systems.  Prior to her role as usability engineer, she worked as a user researcher/requirements manager, web designer, software localization manager and software engineer.

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