Christoph Grabmaier

UX and autonomous driving: What now?

Until now, the User Experience (UX) of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems has been primarily discussed from an ergonomic point of view. Hence, system’s aspects as, for instance, safety, functionality and usability are focused on foremost. In the near future, full automation is going be introduced in the vehicle which even will allow unmanned driving. As a consequence, User Experience of these systems might have to be reconsidered. Or might User Experience even be negligible in the context of full automation? What will be our target experience and how will we need to adapt our UX-testing methods?

Date: Wednesday, October 16th
Time: 15:15 - 16:00
Location: Hall 10


Christoph Grabmaier

Human Machine Interaction, BMW

Christoph studied psychology at Ulm University with a strong focus on human machine interaction. In particular, he specialized in Trust in autonomous driving – and the measurement of Trust on a physiological basis. Since 2019, on behalf of BMW AG, he has been in charge of usability studies for the evaluation of upcoming display and operating systems.