Maricel Cabahug

Designing a People-Friendly Future with AI

Key Learnings

  • Consider what the role of people will be in a world increasingly driven by AI.
  • Explore how AI systems can earn people’s trust.
  • Learn the 4 principles for designing a people-friendly future with AI


We are in the early days of the fourth industrial revolution. A wave of new technology and business models will transform our society as well as our corporations. Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the center of this transformation that holds both exciting potential and formidable risks.

The idea that a non-biological creation can learn, solve complex goals, and flourish in our world is a mighty leap forward. Where will it take us? How will we steer this emerging powerhouse that so many in the world are creating and evolving together and in parallel? Encouraging people to develop AI without any constraints clearly does not appear to be the best option.

As a business leader, a designer, a technologist, and a parent, I firmly believe that we should strive to create a future that is designed for people. Let’s explore how today!

Date: Wednesday, October 16th
Time: 09:00 - 10:00


Maricel Cabahug

Former Chief Design Officer at SAP,

As Chief Design Officer at SAP, Maricel was responsible for SAP’s overall design strategy and product design. Maricel’s overarching goal has always been to deliver the best user experience to the world’s business users. She is passionate about co-innovation with customers to realize greater business value through technology that works for people. At the heart of everything, it is her goal to improve people’s lives by making work delightful.

Maricel is a software engineer turned thought leader in design and user experience. Before joining SAP, Maricel worked for Yaskawa Electric, an SAP customer, where she grew from an application developer to the CIO of the company. Her SAP journey began in 2011 when she joined the company as VP of Solution Architecture. She then moved to the Office of the CDO as Global VP and Chief of Staff. In 2013, she became Senior Vice President and Head of Global Design and Fiori Product Management. She was Chief Design Officer at SAP from early 2018 until April of 2019.