Networking Dinner

Be welcome at
our Networking Dinner

On the Networking Dinner the participants and the speaker gather at the Schlossberg-Restaurant in the center of Graz for an evening filled with good food, casual networking and a breathtaking view over Graz.


The Networking Dinner will take place at the Schlossberg Restaurant.

Who is invited to the Networking Dinner?

All participants with a full two-day-ticket and the speakers are invited to the Networking Dinner.

Dress code: Casual.

How to get there?

The easiest and fastest way is to go by tram and use the Schlossbergbahn/ Schlossberg Funicular.


  1. Take the tramline 4 or 5 to direction “Andritz” and exit at the tram station “Schlossbergbahn Talstation / Schlossberg Funicular”.
    Please Note: The use of the Schlossberg Funicular is free with a valid tram ticket.
  2. Once you reach the end of the Schlossberg Funicular exit the station and head left.
  3. Take the left and reach your destination at the Schlossberg Restaurant.